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Laura Lynn Teddies by Laura Lynn
Lexington, KY
Posts: 3,647

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Winney wrote:

Then I am sure some of you have seen the " scented waxed over bears " ? Same Walmart bears ( man are they making some money ) they are imbedded with wax and have a can still see its a furry bear underneath.
I wonder how far you can burn that candle for before you have a " Bear Fire "....LOL... Winney

LOL Winney!  Actually -- they don't have a wick.  The idea of the wax dipped bear is that they are just a room freshener... or... more like the immediate area around them.  (MOST are not strong enough to scent a whole room)  It's for adding a nice bit of scent where you would NOT want a flame.

Laure Fool's Gold Bears
San Luis Obispo, CA
Posts: 351

Don't the bears have a hard time breathing covered up in all that wax?... let alone scampering around after everyone is in bed!! bear_tongue

Winney Winneybears and Friends
White City, Oregon
Posts: 1,103

Laura yup....Winney

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