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Shelli Retired Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Hey, I saw a post just now about how to create a "link" in a post, and it reminded me that we've never "officially" introduced the BBCode concept.

What's BBCode, you ask?  Well... How the heck would I know?  I'm a bearmaker, not a tech wizard (like Quy.) :D

But it has something to do with html, and getting things like colors and links and boldface to work on a message board.

Yeah, you say... but bold is already a separate tool ABOVE the Message window.  And yes indeedy, you're right!

However, it's also available to you -- along with instructional "models" about how to create links and lots of other nifty stuff -- if you go to the area BELOW the Message window and click the BBCode:on link.

Go ahead... do it now.


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