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karenaus wrote:

If you haven't visited them already, Bear Essence here in Melbourne would be sure to have an antiquey looking bear pattern and be able to help you out with appropriate mohair too. They have samples of many of their pattern  bears for you to see in the fur as well.

Thanks Karen,

BearEssence is on my list.



dangerbears wrote:

Our sponsor, Intercal, has a great selection of patterns:


Thanks Becky.

Olly and Henry are exactly the types I am looking for., and are now on my list.

Thanks again.

rowarrior wrote:

Assuming from who you said you were taking classes from that you're in Oz, have you tried Beary Cheap?  They have a huge range of both patterns and kits and are based in Oz

Thanks Kathy.....CheepBear have a nice selection of patterns......I just ordered some fabric from them.....will have another look at their patterns.



suejennings wrote:

Gooseberry Hill have some lovely vintage bear patterns on their website. … rns_p1.htm

Hope this is what you are looking for.  Otherwise, Linda Mullins wrote a couple of 'Creating Heirloom Bears' books which are probably now out of print.



I love the patterns.... Many thanks for the link....

Rich1988 wrote:

Thanks everyone. So glad you like him.
And thanks for your comment Paula. The darker parts are simply shading with copic markers.
I would highly recommend giving them a go if you can get your hands on some. Have a practise on some fabric scraps with the different colours and if you go for it, be sure to get a blender pen, you'll be grateful should you make any mistakes.
A quick search on here re. shading should bring up a million responses which should be of help to you.


Thanks Richard....I will give it a try.
I am new to bear making.....and there is so much to learn.
I spent the whole last night reading post and my head is spinning...... :pray:


Hi all,

Would someone know where I could buy a antique looking bear pattern?

Also, which type of mohair would you recommend?




Many thanks everyone  bear_wub

Paul is made out of Alpaca, not sure about the pile lenght, the pattern is by Sharon Hall from Shazbears, and he is 27 cm.
I am taking classes with Shaz. Shaz was helping all way along and thats the main reason he came out that good.
The outfit is done by a lady who is specialising in outfits for bears.

I love his expression is like he is saying...."are you talking to me?"

Love to all of you and a happy, health and prosperous New Year.!!!!

paul & paula


Hi and welcome Jenny from another fellow Aussie. bear_wub


Timothy is just adorable.  bear_wub

I am noticing that the material is a littlle bit darker above the nose, a bit around the eys and mouth.
My I ask how you got that effect?



I love its vintage looks. A beautiful bear..... bear_wub


MyFirstTeddy.jpgHello All,

Meet my First Teddy Bear :dance:

I call him PAUL  bear_wub


@Shane...thanks for welcoming me ....I just purchased materials for another 20 bears, I just couldn’t stop, lol   bear_wacko ....

@peterbear, thanks Peter for welcoming me....your white teddy, in the pic, is beautiful   :pray: first teddy is a little 24cm one, a girl....I have seen the gallery , really, really amazing creations.....I might catch-up one day bear_original....

@Lovethosebears, many thanks Ali....nice meeting another beginner. I have cut out my first pattern and I am in the sawing stage now. I won’t progress fast since we won’t have classes for two weeks. expect to see my first creation in 3-4 weeks....

@huggleybear, @rowarrior, @Mis Petula Pie,  thank you very much guys for saying hi.... bear_original

@JanetB, thanks Janet.....I think I am already on the road.... bear_original

@SueAnn, thanks Sue is sure an addiction artist? One day – now a enthusiast .... bear_original


What a great, supportive community. I am very happy to have found you..
I am a beginner. I am taking classes with 'ShazBears' and I am making my FIRST teddy.
There is a lot to be learned.

Bye for now.


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