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Boogaloo Bears wrote:

Hi Lena

Oh your bears and bunnies are gorgeous!

I love their long eyelasses, it really gives them character  bear_wub


Lisa x

Thank u for kind words bear_wub


I want to show you my bears, which I did recently in the style of miniature
First 4 cubs I call the Kiev beetles. They took part in the exhibition Kiev Teddy Land as part of the art project "Micha-Tsokotukha." They are all crocheting, their growth of 8 to 10 cm, they have textured yarn materials, padding polyester, glass granules, 5 or 6 or 10  pin connections, wool 100%, glass eyes, eyelashes.
Mr. Green, 10 cm, his main accessory -  rose chafer-brooch, I made it from polymer clay and clockwork.
9456455673-kukly-igrushki-medvezhonok-mister-grin-n8435.jpg 17c6455675-kukly-igrushki-medvezhonok-mister-grin-n8435.jpg
Bronzovka, 8.5 cm, it's giveaway on my  blog now.8174874212-kukly-igrushki-mishka-bronzovka-n2162.jpg 4b54874205-kukly-igrushki-mishka-bronzovka-n2163.jpg
Kid Zip, 8 cm, it is also  rose chafer9f84952877-kukly-igrushki-medvezhonok-zip-mishka-n8500.jpg e774952874-kukly-igrushki-medvezhonok-zip-mishka-n8500.jpg
Baby August, also 8 cm, in a funny hat, was born on the last day of summer 65f5073670-kukly-igrushki-medvezhonok-avgust-a-chto-leto-n8460.jpg
Teddy bear Romka this year participated in the competition exhibition in St. Petersburg and took 3rd place in the category of miniature. This is my first such victory. I was just happy. To date, born 3 copies Romka b266878393-kukly-igrushki-medvezhonok-romka-n5652.jpg aef6207397-kukly-igrushki-medvezhonok-romka-n5653.jpg
Marie Bear, 10 cm, I called her after the heroine of the Nutcracker5d47676875-kukly-igrushki-mari.jpg
Mishutka Frankie, 10 cm, 4 copies7077124293-kukly-igrushki-po-motivam-novogodnee.jpg
And this kid is no name yet, is sent to a new mom in Bonn … -n3822.jpg
Teddy bear Leaves, was born on the last day of autumn 1ad6628791-kukly-igrushki-medvezhonok-listik-ili-n9244.jpg
Dragon Faye, 14 cm e866565395-kukly-igrushki-drakosha-faechka.jpg

And I sew sometimes ..

Teddy bear Kuzma 13 cm 3f07972669-kukly-igrushki-kuzya-n6550.jpg
Hedgehog Hedgehog, 13 cm d5f5538193-kukly-igrushki-ezha-n4939.jpg
Teddy -Devil , Rolland, 15 cm cad5209707-kukly-igrushki-drug-dlya-teddi-ili-prosto-rolan-n2760.jpg
Tanya Bunny 7cm e195207295-kukly-igrushki-zajka-tanya-n5487.jpg
Well, and Ellie Elephant, 8.5 cm … k-elli.jpg

Sincerely, your Lena
PS: as always I am sorry for my poor English bear_grin

SharonKing wrote:

Really cute! What yarn did you use?  I crochet bears, but even with brushing, they don't really look like fur.. love this little guy!

Thank u! I use russian yarn Kamteks, Lotos travka....2965.jpg
I also like turkish  yarn Alize.
My last bear from this yarn Stepan, 30 cm from head to toe, very fluffy

dangerbears wrote:

Welcome to Teddy Talk, Elena! bear_flower I really like this bear AND his clothing!



Pijangibears wrote:

Hi Elena and welcome to Teddy Talk. Your Zipper is gorgeous - such a sweet face  bear_wub

Thank you!!! bear_rolleyes bear_wub

daria_cher wrote:

Hi Elena, welcome to TT!

Zipper is gorgeous, he has such a sweet face! bear_wub

Thank you!!! bear_rolleyes bear_wub


Hello! I accidentally came across this forum, I was very interested in it, so I registered at once. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Elena, I live in Ukraine and I love to knit teddy bears. Here is such a  baby for example..
This Teddy Bear is named after the cartoon character from the series "Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers", it seems to me that he was like him, especially without a cap.
Crocheted  from yarn, inside padding polyester and glass granules, 5 joints attachment. His face felting, ears and paws from the textile, glass eyes, eyelashes. Dressed in a knitted sweater and cap. From head to foot 12cm
I would be grateful for critics1e832ffca36f.jpg

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