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@Boogaloo Bears, EJ, and Jenbee -I'm glad you guys like the fabrics! For a while there, I actually forgot I even had them XD I think next time I might get some really soft jersey and see how that works ^^


@Pixus Thanks! I'm glad you like him :D
@Rikkisbears Thanks so much!


Hello everyone! I just finished up my first mini and wanted to show you guys bear_original His name is Frederick and he's about 3.75"/9.5cm. Frederick's made from my own pattern and has button joints for his arms and legs with a metal snap for his head that acts as a wobble joint. I had a ton of fun making him even though my fingers were killing me after turning and stuffing such small appendages  bear_laugh  However, I would gladly do it again since I just love minis (it also helps that I have super tiny hands that are well suited for mini making)! I know he's not the most put together Elephant in the world, but I hope you guys enjoy him!

Ps. Sorry for potato quality pics, all I have is my phone bear_whistle


peterbear wrote:

I think it's the first time I have seen a furry kiwi.  Kojak is very sweet.   :thumbsup:

Thanks! I'm glad you like him!  bear_original


Hello everyone! Just joined up so I thought I would introduce you to Kojak since there don't seem to be too many Kiwis around. bear_original


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