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From luxury faux fur and a Mary Wimberley pattern I purchased. I wouldn't have been able  to do it with all the helpful tips I learned here! Hoping the next one will be even better

Edit: not sure how to resize from mobile, sorry for the quality


Thank you Becky!
I am eager to get my hands on some mohair in the (hopefully) not too distant future as I've only heard how great it is to work with and I am very interested in the behavior of the natural fiber, I've never worked in that sort of medium before.

As for shipping via USPS it's actually very comparable... But only when shipped priority at their higher rates. Otherwise the wait can be nine weeks or more and the rates do increase fairly substantially. I haven't placed an order with intercal yet, but I find many suppliers still tend to use UPS or other such carriers and those rates tend to wind up higher than the cost of the purchase. Recently tried to have some keepsakes mailed from northern California (model car instructions from my husbands late grandfather) only to be told the shipping cost of one 3lbs box would be over 100 dollars through ups bear_ermm


Thank you, I love how amazingly helpful this site is for a new crafter! And thank you for your prompt reply thats exactly what I needed to know bear_original


Sorry for the super beginner question, I'm brand new to bear making and really excited to buy a pattern and try out my first teddy! I've sewn a few plush toys before, mainly for my daughter and I primarily have used Shannon Minky for the material as it is very soft and fray resistant however it is an incredibly stretchy fabric and I don't think it would be suitable for bears due to it's very stretchy characteristics and generally short nap in my local store (around 3mm pile).

What I'm trying to say is I'm wondering about the stretch and backing of Mohair.

It is very expensive and living in Alaska the shipping is usually astronomical when I order fabric. I'd like to try my first bear or two in a locally available faux fur until the idea of trimming and jointing is less terrifying but I'd also like the pattern I buy to be successful, so what should I look for stretch wise or weightwise in my fabric? And/or what adjustments would you or do you make to a pattern designed for mohair when you substitute faux fur? I could use trial and error but I'm such a perfectionist the idea seems scary lol

thank you

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