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Lanctot’s Loveables Teddy - Handmade collectible teddy bears by Rhonda-Lynne Lanctôt. Bears ranging in size from 0.75 inches to 21 inches.

The Rabbit Maker

Well it's glad to know that collectors are confident to buy online. I do think it gives collectors  the opportunity to see many bears/ rabbits from lots of different countries as well.

The Rabbit Maker

I was just wondering about the bear/rabbit industry and I would be interested to know about collectors and how they purchase.

Do you prefer to buy from shows were you can hold and examine a creation ?

Are you happy to buy form websites ?

Do you prefer to buy from shops ? Are you happy to pay more at a shop ?

I have always tended to collect old rabbits, so I am happy to buy off the internet.

The artist creations I have purchased have been at shows. Something has caught my eye and being able to pick up an item and feel it has given me confidence to then part with my money !

I would be happy to purchase from the same artist again then, over the internet. There is also an excitement about visiting a show knowing that you are going to come back with something. ( Usually I am showing myself so don't get much time ).

What do you do ? bear_original

The Rabbit Maker

This is a rabbit from my new collection 'Bunny Scrumptious'.

They are now available on my website … TIOUS.html


The Rabbit Maker

This is Jacques.
He is available form my website

I am donating 10% of his selling price to this years 'Poppy Appeal'.


The Rabbit Maker

Thank you both.

Berta I have only seen a photocopy of the magazine article. I have asked for a hard copy but they are a bit slow in coming.

The Rabbit Maker

Thank you Becky   bear_original

The Rabbit Maker


Madeliena is currently available from my website.

The Rabbit Maker

Great penguin !

The Rabbit Maker

Well done and congratulations.

The Rabbit Maker

Hi Can any of the other 'Public Choice Winners' tell me if there is a trophy for the award and if so have they received it yet ? Thanks.

The Rabbit Maker

Thanks, I will definitely get a few more pairs then.......I can keep some in my sewing bag then, and upstairs etc ....... bear_grin

The Rabbit Maker

I have often wondered about the ' of the shelf glasses'.  As this is my first pair, I thought it best to buy them from the optician. I have seen glasses for a few pounds with the same magnification strength but wondered if there really is a difference in the quality. Does anyone know ? I know it is the frames where most of the cost is but I could do with a spare pair just in case.

Where I work also has a low ceiling and when I put my glasses on my head I then have a habit of scuffing them on the ceiling. They have quite a few scratches on them  bear_sad

If anyone has a knowledge if it's ok to buy cheap readers I would be grateful to know.

The Rabbit Maker

Thanks everyone for your great comments.

Sorry you didn't get to say hello Marianne, but thank you for you lovely comments. bear_wub

The Rabbit Maker

Jenny.... I too am starting to see blurred food on my plate. 

Joanne ..... knitting in bed with a light hooked onto your nightgown bear_grin

I did buy a small summerhouse this year so I could sit out in the garden and sew even when it's windy, and that does help.

I do dream of having a studio in the garden with big windows and roof lights... well I can dream.

I suppose it is just one of the many side effects from sewing. It does make me think a bit about the future though and taking care of my eyes.  I find I do so much sitting around, because of sewing, buy I do try and balance it with some exercise. Sewing is a very sedentary occupation though.

The Rabbit Maker

I have now been a soft sculpture artist for 6 years and in that time I have noticed my eyes deteriorate. I now wear glasses and I'm always moaning about not having enough natural light.

I wondered if other artists had experienced the same, and if they have created any work spaces outside their home to have access to more natural light. I do use daylight bulbs but they aren't the same as the real thing.

Any creative ideas would be appreciated  bear_grin

The Rabbit Maker

Yes I did win the 'Public Choice Award' too and I was thrilled.  I did post on FB but I wasn't sure of posting on here,as I wasn't sure how much interest the competitions still hold for people.

I actually found out from Katie Hallam and then a 'congratulations' from the advertising department !! I never received an official 'you've won' email which would have been nice.

I like entering  competitions as they always challenge me, and I like to think it keeps the industry interesting. Congratulations to everyone else who won too.

Anyway here's 'Finery and Finesse'.


The Rabbit Maker

Phineas is the latest rabbit taken from my 'Steam punk ' inspired collection. He is now available from my website.

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