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edspencer tEDDIE bears
Wichita, Ks.
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rkr4cds wrote:

I too have always found eBay resolutions easy to work out with them: I've never been in the position of being a Power Seller so this may not be germane. But there IS a phone number listed to actually phone and speak to a live PERSON! It takes a bit of searching but it is possible to work out most problems.


Bobbie - you are so right.  I just had an issue with and item I purchased and the eBay rep told me that they have phased out LIVE HELP and replaced it with the phone service.  However, this is only available to users with a feedback of 100 or more when you actually go to contact us.  So it's still back to eBay wants a long reputation before they can help a user.  Go eBay.

Bubble-Up Bears Bubble Up Bears!
Murrieta, California
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I just got off the phone with eBay.
I want to be sure that everyone knows there is help available and you don't have to have a feedback score of 100 or more. Upon calling you will be asked to follow promps and if you can't find any pertaining to your question just enter one and when you do get a rep which took me only seconds , explain like I did that there wasn't really any pertaining to your question and they will gladly help you anyway. I was not transferred. I spent over 12 minutes on the phone with John and he was very helpful and understanding. Of course you are not always going to get John but I'm confident that you will be helped by a rep to the best of his or hers ability.
The number is 1-800-701-EBAY (3229) Help is available here in the USA 7 days a week from 5 am to 10 pm PST.
Sorry guys, I don't know how to find help in other countries but I'm sure if you click on the help link on your My eBay Page it will direct you. bear_original

rkr4cds Creative Design Studio (RKR4CDS)
suburban Chicago
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Thx Bubble-Up, That's one of the 2 #s I've used in the past for Live Help too, and saved it for future reference.


Laura Lynn Teddy Bear Academy
Nicholasville, KY
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Laura Lynn Banner Sponsor

Thank you Cyndee!!!!   I just posted the phone number next to my computer... along with Comcast's and Yahoos  bear_tongue

Bubble-Up Bears Bubble Up Bears!
Murrieta, California
Posts: 1,804

You are welcome Laura. bear_original

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