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jenny Three O'clock Bears
warwickshire uk
Posts: 4,413

Thanks so much Katherine and Julia...Depression is a terrible illness...and it is an illness despite the tendency for people to think you can just 'get over it' it's physical and I can honestly say I have never felt so ill in my life as I felt then. It took me to some very dark places from where I never thought I would emerge. Winston Churchill called it his black dog and that is what it feels like. So I am pleased that I am getting well enough now to even THINK about doing such a thing.
Looking forward to it!

Cheshire Cat Wilmslow Cheshire
Posts: 758

Hello ,
I will be there ,hall 1 stand 50 ,looking forward to it !
Louise x

Posts: 601

Hi Everyone

I will be there too, in my usual spot in the basement stand 112.

Looking forward to it.

Wishing you all a super weekend.
Jacqui  :hug:

puca bears puca bears
Posts: 1,934

Have a terrific time, everyone!!1 will be thinking of you - lots of success, and LOTS of fun to you all

Woodbury Park Bears Woodbury Park Bears
Central Coast New South Wales
Posts: 1,033

Wishing everyone a fabulous show I'll be thinking of everyone goodluck !


ThomasAdam Thomas Adam
Posts: 310

I'll try and make it.  :)

-- Thomas Adam

SueAnn Past Time Bears
Double Oak, Texas
Posts: 21,700

SueAnn Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Everybody who is exhibiting and attending Hugglets . . . have a wonderful experience!  Look forward to Jane's excellent photos!

gbrame the piece parade
North Carolina
Posts: 118

Hi Jane,

As we'll be neighbors, I'm sure we'll get to say more than hello - at least I hope so!  It will be delightful to meet you in person.  Not sure I'm totally prepared but I am excited about the show.  I hope everyone who ventures out as an artist or a collector or a visitor has a safe trip and a great time.


jazzyrags Jazzy Rags
Posts: 1,494

Hi Jane good luck with the show wish i was there  Fran  :clap:  bear_grin

Gantaeno Je Suis Lugly!
Posts: 1,065

Sorry I'm missing out again: good luck everyone!

charlotte1 Bears by Charlotte
east anglia
Posts: 157

Hi All!

I will be visiting Hugglets with a friend, it will be the first hugglets show i have been to and i cant wait !! sooo excited.  good luck to everyone.  see you all there!!

Love Charlotte xxxx

susana fung hong kong
Posts: 304

a big wave from Hong Kong, will do the show next time in September, wish my TT friends enjoy and have fun :hug:

scruffiebears Posts: 318

I am attending on Sunday.I am in hall 4 stand 126.
If you come past, please say hi.

Susan x

Rich1988 aRTy Bears
Burton, Staffs
Posts: 282

I can't tell you how excited I am that Hugglets is tomorrow.
All I would ask is if Peter could please leave some really nice big bears for the rest of us it would be appreciated  bear_whistle  bear_tongue  bear_tongue
Can't wait to see you all there.


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