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Miezepluis Posts: 1

Hi there!

Whilst searching for tips on bear-making I've stumbled upon this forum and couldn't wait to register! I'm not only new here, but also very new to bear-making! I'm a very creative person though, I especially love painting and illustrating and have made lots of miniature props for my collection of antique handmade toy horses by the make of 'Julip'. I've always loved bears though, as a little girl I never lured around with dolls, but always with my kind and lovely golden bears! Not that long ago I was simply messing about with some leftover fabric and I put together a little posable mouse, which made me look into making a proper bear using an actual pattern, instead of eyeballing it! So, last week I started working on my first little brown bear, after buying some really lovely plushy fabric. I've got one leg and his body down and I've just started on my third head... oops! The first two actually turned out cute, but I wasn't too happy with the sewing on the first and I don't quite like the trimming I did on the second. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and failing is part of learning, so I hope it's third time lucky, hihi!

Anyway, while my little brown bear is in the making I can't wait to further search the forum for inspiration, tips and getting to know fellow bear-makers! I also am eager to visit a big bear show that will be held in Houten, The Netherlands, in May. I live about half an hour away, so I think that'll be a fun and easy event to go to!

I wish you a lovely day!

dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 6,021

Welcome to Teddy Talk, Miezepluis!  bear_flower  I enjoyed reading your story, and I look forward to seeing your first bear.  bear_original


Debbie Five Shelbyville, TN
Posts: 67

Welcome aboard! There are several bear artists who check in on this board! Great place to make bear friends and share bearmaking tips and ideas! ~ Debbie 5

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