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Teddy Talk Teddy Talk
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It's so easy!

1  -- Go to the index page for TEDDY BEARS & OTHER FRIENDS. 
2 --  Click on the words "Post new topic."  You'll find "Post new topic" in two places, both of them on the right side of your screen.
3  -- Choose a title for your sales listing and type it into the "Subject" window.  Including (a) the name of your item and (b) your name or company name in the title for your listing helps people find it, and you, with ease!  Suggested listing titles might look like: CHAUNCEY, by POTBELLY BEARS; "Raleigh," by Sue Ann Holcomb; LILAC, a OOAK bunny by Shelli Heinemann of POTBELLY BEARS ; or "Pandy," a patriotic panda by Sue Ann Holcomb of Past Time Bears.
4  -- Go to the "Message" window and simply type in:
        (a) an item description;
        (b) a price; and
        (c) your contact information (e-mail, website) so potential buyers can contact you directly to complete their transaction(s.)

(This feature is not available when using the 'Quick Post' window located at the bottom of the thread.)
1  -- Go to the "Photo" window below the "Message" window.
2  -- Click on the "Browse" button to display your computer's hard drive and locate the photo to upload. Note: Photos must be in JPG format at 72 dpi with maximum width of 600 pixels and file size less than 250kb.
3  -- Click the "Submit" button.

That's all there's to it. The software will automatically attach the photo to your main listing plus generate the thumbnail.
Only 1 image can be uploaded at a time. To add more images, edit the posting. Return to listing and click EDIT, located in the lower right hand corner of your post and repeat step 4 (Adding Photos/Thumbnails to Your Listing).  Up to 5 images can be uploaded. 

We really want this forum to be a showcase for your work, so please be sure to include both a photograph and a complete description of your work in your listing.

You are welcome to post TEDDY BEARS & OTHER FRIENDS listings that point our viewers to your current auction(s.)  However, please respect our guidelines for listings, and include both a photograph and a description of your item. 

MARKING ITEMS " sold.gif "
When your item sells, return to the very first post in your listing and click EDIT, located in the lower right hand corner of your post.  An EDIT POST window, which is white, will appear. 

To mark your item with a red "SOLD" sign, scroll down to the OPTIONS box, which is outlined in grey.  Then, simply click the box that reads, "Mark as SOLD."  Last, click SUBMIT, at lower left, to enter your new information.

Your listing will now be marked "SOLD" on the main TEDDY BEARS & OTHER FRIENDS page.

Forum users with questions or comments about a particular item for sale can contact the listing seller in two ways:
1 --  Directly and privately, using contact information (email, website) contained within the Sales Listing; or
2 --  Publicly, on the TEDDY BEARS & OTHER FRIENDS forum, by using the "Post Reply" function for that specific Sales Listing thread. We are sure most sellers would appreciate your positive comments! However, please do not use "Post New Topic" to create a NEW thread for item-related questions.


Listings may run for up to 45 days. After that time, listings may be deleted to keep things fresh and current for our board visitors. You can always move your older listing back "up the ladder" by adding new content to your listing thread. However, please be reasonable in this regard. We want all artists who post to have a shot at the "top position."

We plan to update these instructions with additional tips & information as they become available.

Our TEDDY BEARS & OTHER FRIENDS forum is a free sales and promotion forum for your newest handcrafted creations. We hope to support and champion the teddy bear community by showcasing -- in one convenient location -- the newest, furriest handcrafted creations available from a worldwide sampling of creators.  We hope TEDDY BEARS & OTHER FRIENDS will draw a broad, international audience to view, admire... and adopt these creations.

In keeping with our wish to support the industry via the individual artisan, we ask that retailers please refrain from listing inventory, and that you not list mass-produced, manufactured, "orphan"/secondary market/"used" items or other items not appropriate for this forum. We reserve the right to remove any listing without notification.

Intercal serves as "TEDDY BEARS & OTHER FRIENDS" forum host only, and cannot be held responsible for the content, accuracy, or outcome of any of the sales listings found in this forum.  Please contact the listing member directly with questions or problems regarding items for sale.

The TEDDY BEARS & OTHER FRIENDS board is for sales and promotional listings containing an image and a description of your creation.  Because question and discussion threads posted to this forum would move Sales Listings "down the ladder",  please direct questions and/or comments about the TEDDY BEARS & OTHER FRIENDS forum itself to Intercal's GENERAL DISCUSSION board.  Someone there will cheerfully answer your question in short order! 

Thank you for helping to keep TEDDY BEARS & OTHER FRIENDS a showcase for available teddies and their "friends!"

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