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Teddy Talk Teddy Talk
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To create your Avatar (the tiny photo that represents you on this board) you first need to be REGISTERED and have a PROFILE on the board.  Then, simply:

(1) Click on PROFILE (in the blue band, above.)

(2) Click on PERSONALITY (in the box at left.)

(3) Click on the USE AVATAR box to toggle it to "ON."

(4) Then simply BROWSE your hard drive to locate and UPLOAD a photograph you can use as your Avatar.

Your photo must be a  .jpg file type, and must be fairly small, with a maximum pixel width of 185.  If you only have large digital photos of your work, and don't quite understand what "maximum pixel width of 185" means (!),  try using your photo editing program to downsize your picture to a resolution of 72 dpi (dots per inch) and a size of 2 x 2 inches.  That sizing generally works as a first attempt; if your photo's still too big, though, you can adjust down from there.

Have fun!

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My Mother
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Most image editing programs include image resizing by pixels.  Just set the width to 185 pixels or less.


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