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Johnna Johnna's Mohair Store
Costa Mesa, California
Posts: 164

This is a feature we really like. If a statement in a given post really "strikes your fancy", and you want to reply, simply highlight the statement and hit control C thus saving it.

Then click on the "Post reply" button. It will take you to the "Message Box". Just above the "Message Box" you'll see a button named "Quote". Click on it, and you'll see two "boxes with the words "quote" and "/quote" opening up. Insert your cursor between the two "boxes" and click on contol V. Your "quote" should now appear....something like

test, test, test

Follow up with your own reply to the "quote".

Have fun! bear_grin:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

Teddy Talk Teddy Talk
Posts: 274

Another way to do a "Quote" is to click on the "Quote" link located in the lower right corner of the post you want to reply to. In the "Message Box" you'll now see all the text of this post. Simply delete text until you have the "quote" you want. However, make sure you do not delete the "brackets" needed for the quote. You'll have something looking like:   

Johnna wrote:

Test, test...test

The advantage to doing a "Quote" this way is that it will show the name of the person you are responding to.:lol:

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