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Also, another quick reminder...

Please remember to flaunt your popularity and success by adding SOLD tags to your BEARS FOR SALE listings once your cubs find new homes!  It's simple to do.  Just go to your FIRST entry -- the one where you introduced your bear -- and click EDIT.  Then, look for the checkbox that allows you to "MARK AS SOLD."

Click SUBMIT, and you're done!

You can check on the status of listings by going to the BEARS FOR SALE forum and then using the drop-down menu of ARTISTS to find your name.  When you click on it, the only items you will see are those for which you have NOT yet posted a SOLD sign.

I've had to go in and "clean up" several of my own listings, to which I forgot to add SOLD tags, myself!

Adding SOLD tags not only makes you look like a fabulously talented bearmaker and salesperson!, but also, helps collectors and shoppers who visit our selling forum to know what's still available, and what's not.


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