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Little Nan Posts: 233

Ok I hold my hands up for being the most useless person with computers and the like ... but I did manage to upload a pic on Showcase the other day .. hooray !! However I have tried to do it again .. and for some reason the Browse button doesn't appear ! Any ideas what I'm doing wrong  .. Oh I am doing it from an iPad but it worked before ?  Any suggestions anyone I would be very grateful , I have asked questions in technical  but as yet no luck . ..       bear_ermm   bear_cry  bear_rolleyes
Nan x

dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 6,019

Are you uploading another pic to the same post? If so, choose the Edit option and you'll be able to upload again.

If it's a new post, there are a couple of different ways described in the Technical Help section. Right now for this reply, I see a button under the smilies labeled Img that would allow me to upload an image.

Keep trying. bear_original Just as in bearmaking, your perseverance will pay off! (Plus, we would love to see more bears.)


Little Nan Posts: 233

Hi Becky ,
Thank you so much for trying to help !
Yes I've clicked onto Img but it won't let me upload as it says it doesn't have access to my photos !
Which is strange as it did two days ago !
I shall persevere !
Nan  bear_wub

edie Bears by Edie
Southern Alberta
Posts: 2,068

Nan, are you clicking on Img, then "Browse" to find your photo, then "upload" to move your photo to the URL line then clicking "OK"

Little Nan Posts: 233

Hi Edie,
Well when I click on Img whereas before , 'browse ' came up .. But not now , it just comes up with Choose file and when I click on that it tells me to choose an existing photo but then .. it says This app does not have access to your photos ! Apparently I can enable access in Privacy Settings , which I've tried to do ... to no avail !
There's no hope is there ! I have to say I can't help but have a laugh about it , I am so useless !  bear_grin thanks for trying to rescue me Edie ! bear_wub
Nan x

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