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Taylor Lincolnshire
Posts: 189

Hi, I'm so pleased to have found Teddy Talk. I have loved teddy bears forever, been collecting them for a while and have just started making my own crochet thread bears. I have found so many helpful tips and ideas on here and am amazed at how friendly and helpful you lovely people are. bear_original bear_original bear_original not sure my bears or my photography skills are up to public display yet, hence no avatar but learning all the time thanks to you guys and hope to have something worth sharing soon :lol:

UPDATE! Learned how to resize my photos so now got an avatar!

Kelly1976 kellys bears
newcastle upon tyne
Posts: 64

Hi taylor bear_original don't worry about putting pics of your creations on no one will judge you as everyones interpretation of a teddy is different ! so looking forward to seeing your creations have fun x kelly x

dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 6,021

Welcome aboard, Taylor! It's always nice to meet another teddy-bear fan.


clwilmot HandmadebyCarrie
Tallmadge, Ohio
Posts: 890

nice to meet you:)

Taylor Lincolnshire
Posts: 189

Thank you all for such a warm welcome  bear_original  bear_original  bear_original

SueAnn Past Time Bears
Double Oak, Texas
Posts: 21,095

SueAnn Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Hello . . . do you prefer to be called Rachel or Taylor?  We are so pleased to have you join our teddy group!  We do have so many talented, generous artists that are happy to share their skills and I'm glad that we can be of help to beginning bear makers.  Looking forward to seeing your creations.

edmondnutmeg Padfield bears
Posts: 1,343

Hi Rachel I'm newish here too and all I can say is the people on here are wrm wonderful and full of great advice. I wouldn't know where to start with a thread bear it is a skill that I greatly admire 

Teddybear Posts: 97

Hi Rachel and welcome to Teddy Talk bear_original I'm still pretty new here myself but have found nothing but very friendly and helpful people here bear_original It's a wonderful place for teddy fans,collectors and artists. Im working on my first selfmade teddy...nothing special...but everything starts simple i suppose...looking forward to read more of you bear_original


Taylor Lincolnshire
Posts: 189

bear_original  thank you everyone for all your kind replies. X

peterbear Boechout, Antwerp
Posts: 4,755

Hi Rachel and a very warm welcome to TT!  :rose:

Your avatar bear looks very cute and I would love to see some more bears from your collection (we like to call it a "hug of teddy bears").
I can't give you any advice on making bears (I am "just" a collector), but I do know a bit about photographing bears.  bear_happy   So feel free to ask!   bear_thumb

Taylor Lincolnshire
Posts: 189

Thank you Peterbear. Great to hear from you. Looks like you have some very cute bears in your collection. Thanks for the offer of photography advice, will probably be needing some help. None of my photos ever come out as clear as all the other posts. Have got a digital camera, an ipad and a mobile phone with camera. Been using my ipad mostly as I have no idea how to upload pictures from a digital camera. Have imported them from a memory card on to my previous computer but not sure if its possible onto an ipad. Any tips would be gratefully received.  bear_flower

student bearmaker Northern Ireland
Posts: 283

bear_original Hello and Welcome.Your avatar bear is very cute,look forward to seeing more of your lovely creations  bear_flower .

Jenbee Barnetby Bears
Posts: 781

Welcome! I notice you are from Lincolnshire, I am too! It is nice to see a fellow bear lover on here from the same area as me. I look forward to seeing your creations bear_original

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