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Jhkier Posts: 3

Hi All,

Hope you're well  bear_whistle

I'm a young Australian soon to be Dad with a (what I tend to believe) is the best teddy bear ever made.

For a while now, I've been looking for the perfect Teddy to give my soon to be son, but I've not had much luck.
After spending days and days searching through all sorts of toy stores, I can't find anything which really grabs me...

So, I've decided to get a replica made of my old teddy - After a long journey, I've made it here...

The Teddy I want to replicate is

From the people I've spoken with, apparently the fabric is the hard thing to find... But I'm confident it can be done.
Is anyone able to help find this type of fabric, or is anyone itnerested in making one for me? (I'd obviously pay).

Looking forward to hearing from you all soon :)



dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 6,021

Hi Glenn,
Welcome to Teddy Talk! Your bear is absolutely adorable! I hope someone here is able to make a similar bear for your son.
I can relate to your not finding anything at the toy stores you liked. The manufactured teds have just reached new lows in terms of both quality and personality. Fortunately, good-quality plush fabric is certainly available. Our site sponsor as limited stocks of Tissavel, and there are good fabric suppliers in Australia as well.

Jhkier Posts: 3

Thanks DangerBears,

I'm really surprised I haven't had more response with my previous efforts to buy or have the bear made... Its amazingly difficult.
For the past few weeks I've had jobs posted on "AirTasker" and had no reply... I honestly thought there would be many people who made custom bears... Its definitely something I'll look to do in my retirement bear_original

Silly question: What is Tissavel?

dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 6,021

bear_original Why wait until retirement? bear_original

Seriously, though, I'm a little surprised too, but someone may still step forward. Do you use facebook? I could recommend some groups there to try.

Tissavel was a European mill that made very high-quality faux fur with a woven backing (not knitted). Donna Mettling (Mohair Maniac on facebook) is an expert on faux and could give some advice. Since the bear you want would not be stuffed hard like some artist bears, the backing fabric wouldn't even be much of an issue, but you want a nice pile that won't be pulled out (or even fall out).

A couple of other things you can do. If there is a "teddy bear hospital" sort of restorationist in your part of the world, you might ask her about making a bear like your classic unjointed ted (maybe classic isn't the right word, but certainly older and charming. Pedigree made some unjointed bears and sometimes used plastic noses). You could also look for sites where artisans sell bears similar to yours. If you see someone's work and like it, you could approach the person about doing a commission.


Jhkier Posts: 3

Thanks Becky,

Thats a great idea - I'll definitely reach out to Donna.
Retirement is when I get to all the things I want to do - Today is when I do all the things I have to do... Work is about 70hours a week, so when you factor in the family, I'm quite time poor at the moment.
Hopefully things improve before retirement, or retirement comes sooner rather than later. bear_grin


SueAnn Past Time Bears
Double Oak, Texas
Posts: 20,786

SueAnn Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Glenn, take a look at this lady's non-jointed bears.  She makes memory bears out of the deceased's clothes, but with the right fabric, I think her style of bear would look a great deal like yours.  This is a link to her home page, so just click on her link to 'non-jointed bears'.  She's in the USA so don't know if you want to go outside of Australia, but it's worth a look.  Congrats on your soon-to-be new son!

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