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MonBears Original Mon Bears
Posts: 37

Hi everyone,

I caught the bear making bug around a year ago and since then have made around 40 bears (as well as working full time!). Initially I stuck religiously to the bear artists pattern and specified materials, but in a short amount of time the bears had their own ideas about how they wanted to be created and my house became peppered with colourful little creatures.

To date I've been kept awfully busy via word of mouth commissions (including a replica dog - completed, and a replica cat currently underway as well as plenty of bears and a few dragons!) but the demand has started outstripping my available time. Seriously considering dropping back the office job hours and starting to devote more time to my furry creations.

Have attached a few photos of examples of my work- Goldie is the most recent bear and he is off to his new family this week.

Beary big hugs!


Tutti Frutti

Coconut Ice


peterbear Boechout, Antwerp
Posts: 4,755

Hi Monique and welcome to TT!  bear_flower

I am pleased to hear that your bears and other furry creatures are so popular (and from the photos I can see why  bear_thumb ). 
If it's possible to work part-time at your office job to have more time to create your bears, I wouldn't hesitate, but it has to be financially realistic too.  There's nothing better than turning your hobby into a career!  :)

I gather that you have not yet thought about opening an online shop on Etsy, Bearpile or on your own website, because that would attract even more potential clients.

EJ Netcong, New Jersey
Posts: 1,595

Welcome to Teddy-Talk, Monique.   

That's great advice from Peter.   (Love your dragon!!!!!   Awesome!)

SueAnn Past Time Bears
Double Oak, Texas
Posts: 21,361

SueAnn Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Hello, Monique, and welcome to our forum!  The quality of your work is really impressive - especially since you started only a year ago.  And congratulations on becoming so popular . . . it's very nice to already have a number of customers!

dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 6,021

Welcome to Teddy Talk, Monique!  bear_flower


koonienett L├╝dinghausen
Posts: 302

Welcome Monique  bear_flower
I like them all - you are very creative - I'm looking forward to your next creations

MonBears Original Mon Bears
Posts: 37

Thank you all for the lovely warm welcomes, I'll be sure to post more photos of my creations as they come to life :).

My cat commission is occupying all my creative efforts at present, I need a super dooper long pile wispy fur for the ruff and tail but the longest I can find in Mohair is 52mm pile (anywhere in the world!). The kitty will end up being combo poly and mohair with wool felting to boot)- and I get the fun of trying to dye all of them to the same shade! The Library threads on dyeing natural and synthetic fabrics are a great resource, I'll be putting it all into practice this coming weekend. Wish me luck, I'm sure it'll be needed!

The project has also required me to invest in an airbrush and compressor (black tabby stripes needed) so my fledgling bear making skills are really going to get a chance to stretch their wings.

Peter- you are correct I haven't yet set up an account with Etsy or become a Bear Pile member- I don't even have a facebook page yet. All of these things are very much on my to do list, I have been waiting until I have a little stock pile of bears to sell but this requires time. Hopefully I'll have a selling presence online by September this year :).

koonienett L├╝dinghausen
Posts: 302

I'm looking Forward to your cat. I started to make a cat pattern two years ago, but I am always busy with bearmaking for the exhibitions. Therefore the cat is waiting for me a long time. bear_whistle

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