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shantell Apple Dumpling Designs
Willamette Valley Oregon
Posts: 3,128

Along the same line as another discussion thread about OOAK or many of you do or take commission work?  Do you take it from anyone if you do...or only from those who have adopted from you before?

Just curious...okay...I'm just down right nosey...


Wisdom Bears Wisdom Bears
Ayrshire, Scotland.
Posts: 951

Hi Shantell,
                        I take commission work from anyone who requires it really , depending if I can do exactly what they want, but remember always take a deposit if you are doing commissions.

Hugs Rita x

psichick78 Flying Fur Studios
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Posts: 3,073

Shantell, I have yet to get any  commision from my teddies, but with my clay sculptures I get lots of commisioned work, and I have to be honest. I only do it if I feel like it. Sometimes people look at my art and want me to make them one just like it. It depends on my mood if I say yes or no. Sometimes it's hard to make somthing you've already done, and if I feel my heart won't be in it, I say no.
But I guess it depends on if you need the money. Although, it's our work, and we don't have to do anything we don't want to.

Chico, California
Posts: 9,939

Shelli Retired Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

I tried doing a few commissioned pieces but inevitably the collector had a particular bear in mind in the asking, which I couldn't or wouldn't replicate.  So about 50% of the time they refused the piece.  I didn't accept deposits, because my thinking was that if they didn't take the bear, I could sell it elsewhere.  So it was more like a mockup... exclusive showing... decision to buy or not buy, than a case of a customer saying, "Here's some money; when will you be done." 

Although I didn't take deposits for this reason, I did state that for anything unusual or extreme (which, frankly, never came up), I would need a deposit and commitment in case the bear was otherwise not sales worthy.  For example, if someone had wanted me to make them a lime green bear with red eyes and a pin through it's nose.

Ultimately, I decided not to take any more commissions.  I found it less motivating to work as a production artist, rather than a DESIGNER -- with all design decisions my own to make.  And I got tired of trying to please people who sometimes were not pleased.  Or were pleased, and effusive in their praise, but decided instead to wait for the "perfect" POTBELLY BEAR to come along another time.  Which I do completely understand.

Hope this helps.

BethBear Posts: 27

Good question.  I have done some of my best work with specific requests BUT the bears were commissioned to be dressed as someone ( Field hocky goalie, "Bear" Bryant, Clara Barton (for Red Cross auction). etc.  Sooo....the buyer did not necessarilly care about the face as long as it was a boy or a girl.  I had one commission from a buyer on Ebay, did not take a deposit as I usually do not, and she did not buy the bear.  It was no problem as I easily sold it anyway.
I think the thing that I need to stay away from is a specific face.  Although I do not advertise my bears as OAK  unless they truly are, I do not try to duplicate faces, which is a good thing because I am lousy at it.  I have one commission now that requires duplicating the face.  No luck.  My other one at the moment is a male bear, brown, dressed as a hiker, cost not important.  Those I like A LOT!  Of course I will charge only what I would for retail at the shop I sell to.


Dilu Posts: 8,574

Ah Ha!  Heather-sculptures?  You will have to post tome pics now, my dear, surely you know the rules! bear_grin bear_grin bear_grin

I would love to see your work and I am betting everyone else would too.....please consider it for us.....please :D


rufnut Rufnut Teddy's
Victoria Australia
Posts: 2,725

Glad this topic came up. 

I am getting a few orders from friends and work colleagues, they like the bears I bring in, then want something exactly the same but in a different colour, which or course is hard to duplicate, not that I want too, again there is no challenge or excitement in doing this type of work either.   

Or they see a bear in a magazine that they like and want the same, which of course I will not do.  Then the fabric is the other thing, they want the same and I cannot get it.  Or its too costly to stick within their budget.   bear_rolleyes   

I have decided to not take deposits just in case they do not like the final product, I figure I will be able to on sell somewhere else.

The other commissioning is where you leave stock in someones store.   The store owner will either add a commission to your item, or take a commissioned % if the item is sold. does anyone else do this?

Has this been successful for anyone else? I am yet to see a lot of value from doing this as yet.

Carolyn Green Draffin Bears
Auckland New Zealand
Posts: 5,354

Hi Shantell,

I was phoned up a while back, by a guy who wanted a Judge Bear and he wanted it in
about 2 weeks. I was lucky to have a Gentleman Bear that I was able to make a
pinstripe suit and a white shirt and a silk tie. The gown I made was out of a taffeta material
and it looked like an old mans raincoat. So I ended up making another out of some very
dark navy wool.
It all came together very well and he was very pleased with it.
Even though it meant sitting up until quite late some nights I did get it finished on time
for the Ceremony where the guy was appointed a Judge.

Sometimes it is neat to do a special Bear and have to think about some special features.

Bear hugs

psichick78 Flying Fur Studios
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Posts: 3,073

Alright Dilu. I think I shared my pics before here, but very secretly !!! LOL
But now, I have the link at the bottom of my posts. YAY!!!!! Nothing TOO exciting, but maybe one day I can combine all the mediums into one super cute teddy. One day..........
Thanks for asking to see them

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