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grandma_2002 Posts: 1

Looking for a free easy teddy bear pattern that I can make out of cotton, flannel or fleece fabric. I would like to make my grandchildren a bear for christmas. I would like it to be big enough so they can carry it around and hold on to it at nap time. Thank you

Chowlea Bears Chowlea Bears
Posts: 602

There is a free pattern lower down the index page here - labelled - Free pattern. It can be downloaded.

It was kindly provided by SueAnn.  I don't know how technical or simple your pattern needs are - but looking at the challenge gallery will illustrate how it can be made up.

Just a thought..................

Chico, California
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Shelli Retired Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Hi Grandma and welcome to TT!

Sue Ann's pattern is great and makes a charming bear... but it's designed to be jointed at the limbs and neck.  That's okay for kids over the age of about three.

But if your bears are for children under three I'd recommend a non-jointed pattern for safety reasons.  You could still use Sue Ann's free pattern; simply remedy this problem for the under-3 crowd by sewing the limbs and head directly onto the body instead of inserting joints.  Also, for little ones, be sure to use safety eyes and not sewn-in glass eyes... plus no beads, bb's, or polypellets in the body area; just polyfil.

I'm not sure how adept you are at sewing and crafting but if you need more specific instructions please say so and I'm sure someone will reply promptly!

Dilu Posts: 8,574

WooHoo  Grandma!

Way to go Hon, get those kids trained right! 

Teddies Rule and gollies have more fun!!!

golly hugs


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