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Miyu Trondheim
Posts: 16

I'm trying to design my own bears, and I have some questions on how to design a gusset.

1. question: How do you find out how long the gusset has to be? Do you measure the headpieces from nose to neck?
2. question: this is probably a tricky one and I'll probably just have to try my way here, but if I want a "pudgy" face, or a round face, do I work with the curves on the side of the gusset?

I understand that one has to try and fail and try again to learn, but any tips you may have for a beginner will be greatly appreciated bear_original

kathytaylor Ruby Mountain Bears
Northern Nevada, USA
Posts: 1,467

I have learned my way there and from this website. But if you draw out your side head pattern the fatter the muzzle part of the pattern the chubbier the cheeks and larger face you get. Also for the gusset piece the longer and narrower the longer the snout, where as a wider rounded gusset gives the more baby face look.

Also when measuring the lenth of the gusset compared to the head piece, you have to number or letter the headpiece a at the snout, b a the base of the snout near the head, and C at the top/back of the head. using coordinating letters on the gusset piece starting at the snout tip, then base of snout, then C on the gusset about halfway from base of snout to end of gusset ( where the base,neck of head would be)
Once you have them lettered you just start at the tip of the snout matching letters up as you roll the gusset piece around the head. You will find that the gusset needs to be longer than you expect.
does that make any sense to you. I believe there is a link somewhere on here about gussets, I look for it and post it if I can find it. ( all you have to do is type in gussets in the search and I found loads of discussions on this)
Maybe someone else can chime in here. Also books on bear making have great diagrams that will help you in designing your own bears.

SueAnn Past Time Bears
Flower Mound, Texas
Posts: 20,501

SueAnn Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Hi, Tove . . . have you visited our library yet?  It's right above your post.  Scroll down to the "Heads" category and when that comes up, click on the thread "Why?  Please if you could help" by CHDandMe.  It has a good discussion about gussets.

Miyu Trondheim
Posts: 16

Thanks so much, I have a better understanding of the gusset and also learned about the library function  bear_grin
Wonderful, thanks so much for the help!

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