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Michelle Helen Chaska, Minnesota
Posts: 2,895

O.K. teddy bear friends, I am having a mind freeze here for I know this has been covered before, but when you use prisma color pencils for shading do you need to heat set it? Is the prisma colored pencils permanent?

Plus, I see that prisma has the water color pencils. Has anybody used them on their bears and if so how do you apply this product? What kind of outcome does it give to the bear? Do you heat set this too? Is it permanent?

momanimallover Taber, Alberta
Posts: 1,795

Hi Michelle,
Have you ever used the prismacolor markers? These would work much better I think and you would heat set after with a blow dryer for a minute. I have never used the watercolor pencils or the colored pencils so I really have no info for these. bear_original Hope this helps...

Eileen Baird'sBears
Posts: 3,873

bear_original The Prisma pencils are permanent, but I'd definitely heat set the colors too. If you don't, there's bound to be some rub-off from the fur, since the pencils are meant to be used on paper or other flat surfaces.

Actually you might experiment with a scrap of fur to see how permanent the pencils are with and without heat setting.

Judi Luxembears
Luxemburg, Wisconsin
Posts: 7,379

Hi Michelle, This may help answer some of your questions too:

Also in the Library under Airbrushing/shading/painting ( right near the top ) there are quite a few posts on this same subject.  Hope it helps. bear_flower  bear_thumb

Michelle Helen Chaska, Minnesota
Posts: 2,895

Thank you everybody for the tips.

Judi: thank you for guiding me in the right direction on other posts....

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