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elk Posts: 3


I am new to the forum. I am an artist who has been dabbling in bears and find myself more and more drawn in... bear_whistle i wonder why..?!?!?

I have a burning question!.  How many of you buy from other artists?
I ask because I am seriously considering mortgaging my soul to buy this bear from an artist I really like....
and part of me is saying I should just make a bear I like as much (a challenge) and part of me is just longing for a bear from this maker. 
I think she is probably the reason I even considered making bears in the first place...

It's funny...I haven't told a single soul about do I justify the cost?!?!...and then I found exactly the people I wanted to hear from!

thanks for being here; i look forward to listening!


K Pawz Guest

HI Elk! Making your own bears is a great way to fill your home with the warm and cuddlies you love, you can do anything you set your mind to,  but there is something very special as well about purchasing from an artists that you truly admire. I buy bears and friends from artists that I have met through TT and have developed a friendship with, having one of their creations is like having an extension of that friendship in my home.


Daphne Back Road Bears
Laconia, NH USA
Posts: 6,568

I was a collector long before I began making them. I learned of artist bears quite by accident, bought one, then quickly began making my own. Since discovering the world of artist made bears my collection has grown at an incredible rate and become a much more sophisticated one! Not many manufactured bears join the hug... a couple here and there...that's all. But the artist bears....... there are some I've received in swaps or as gifts, other's I've just had to have and purchased at shows or directly from the artist.

Then there is that one bear made by an artist I admire greatly that I just couldn't live without..... like you I kind of had a hard time justifying the cost when I could make my own bears.... but I knew I couldn't make one like her's as we all have a special look that is all our own and nearly impossible to duplicate! Even if I had her pattern my bear wouldn't be the same as her's.... it would be missing her special touch! By my standards it was a very expensive bear and I struggled to justify the purchase. But I had to have him!!! The day he arrived was better than any gift-giving holiday I can remember! He was and is a very special part of my collection and 3 years later I'm still marveling at this dear woman's talent and I'm still madly in love with her bear! (Mind you, I didn't buy another bear for quite sometime!!!!)

If you aren't going to starve and bills aren't going to go unpaid by giving the money up for this bear you want then I say go for it! There is nothing wrong with making them and collecting them too! What a great way to support eachother in this wonderful bear world!!!!

TamiL Dolls N Dreams
Aurora, Colorado
Posts: 6,454

I started designing my own bears before collecting others. I have a few Artist Bears now but there are soooooooo many more I want to add.  Each one is so special to me esp. knowing what allllllllll goes into designing & making one.
Go for it, get your bear and have fun at designing your own  bear_grin  bear_grin

SillySu Susie's Bears
Posts: 153

If you see a bear from an artist that you love and you can afford it, get it.  Sometimes I have waited and many things may happen that cause regret. It could be a one off, they quit making bears, or they change their style into something you don't like as well.  There is nothing like the 'one that got away' and you don't forget it.  We have a huge collection but sometimes you run across one you really love.  Most artists accept lay a way plans.  I've been making bears and doing shows for 14-15 years now and I still love them and I still collect from other artists!!  Have fun and good luck on your own bear making!!!

Laura Lynn Teddies by Laura Lynn
Lexington, KY
Posts: 3,647

Laura Lynn Banner Sponsor

Hi and welcome!

I was also a collector before I became a bear artist.  When I first started making bears my husband said "great, now you can stop buying bears"  :crackup:    NOT!!!

Eventually he realized that every artist has their own look that can be hard for another to duplicate. 

Every once in a while I'll make a bear from someone else's pattern for the fun of it, and it always ends up with "my look".  If I fall in love with another artist's bear, if I can afford it,  I buy it!  I know I can't exactly create that "look" that the other artist created. 

In fact, the more I learn as an artist, the more I'm in tune with all the subtleties that makes me "must have" certain bears  bear_wub

Melisa Nichols Melisa's Bears
Hazelton, BC
Posts: 5,811

I so wish I could afford to buy from other bear makers!  I've seen a few bears that I'd love to have.  Unfortunately, my house is a "Money Pit" at the moment, so I can't... bear_sad

elk Posts: 3

wow...I didn't expect so many responses so quickly. how nice!!!

it will be a REAL stretch to pay for the bear...but I can do it over 3 months....
I also believe it's not a zero sum game.....who knows what gifts the bear will bring!!

thank you.

thumperantiques Newcastle, Ontario
Posts: 5,641

I started making miniature teddies, because I couldn't afford to buy them.  Once I started selling my own, I used to trade with other artists when I attended shows.  It was like bringing home a piece of the artist.  I don't buy very often anymore, but I did make one expensive bear purchase a couple of years ago, and although I never thought I would pay so much for one teddy, I have never regretted it.  He is sitting on my desk as I type this and I adore him as much today, as I did when I bought him.  There have been one or two bears that I didn't buy and I have regretted it, so if you can buy the bear without too much hardship, I'd certainly go for it.



Megelles Megelles
Posts: 273

Dear Elk
I am an artist that now has a collection.  My collection started in the early ninties by swapping bears with other artists.
hugs Lisa

Cat Gabriel Cat Gabriel Crafts
Melbourne, Australia
Posts: 923

I have only bought one artist bear myself and I don't keep any of bears I make either....I do admire many artists creations and if I had a lot of money I'm sure I'd have a huge collection!

valewoodbears Valewood Bears
Posts: 6,537

Hi Elk

Just go for it or you will regret it later.  I am an artist who collects too and wish I had the money for more, if I fall in love with a bear and can't afford to get it at the time I never seem to get them out of my head.  I have bought some expensive ones when I can do so and I think because of making them myself, I can see why they are expensive, there is such a lot of work, time and love gone into the bears so this justifies it to me.  Go with your heart if you have fallen in love.


millie PottersHouse Bears
Posts: 2,173

This is a decision that you alone can make, but I say if you can do it without breaking the bank, go for it.  I do not have much of a collection simply because I can't afford it right now.  Feeding my collection of real animals (99% are rescues) is about all I can do right now.  But I just can't toss the 'throw aways' out.  They've had enough of that in their lives.  So I just make and sell my critters for now.

Aleta - The Silly Bear The Silly Bear
Portland, Oregon
Posts: 3,119

Hi Elk,  bear_flower
Yessirre, I buy artists bears as well as design and make them.  Though come to think of it, I haven't bought an artist bear in awhile.  It's not that I haven't tried though.  I've been outbid on eBay by another member here who likes the same bears!!  Bother that!  It just hasn't meant to be.  I'll keep looking for the bears that wink and wave at me...count on it!

Like the others have said, if you can afford it and it won't put you in financial dire straights.....go for it!! 

Warmest bear hugs,  :hug:

Tami E Tami Eveslage Original Teddy Bears
Milford Ohio
Posts: 2,367
Laura Lynn wrote:

When I first started making bears my husband said "great, now you can stop buying bears"  :crackup:    NOT!!!


bear_grin Silly hubby!!!! bear_grin

I love to buy from (and sometimes trade with) other artist when I can afford to! At the risk of sounding melodramatic here, I think artists put a bit of their soul into their work, and like Daphne and Laura have said even if you had their exact pattern, you couldn't make a bear just the same.

elk Posts: 3


I 'm in.  Put my deposit down. thanks for your support!

I really do believe that if something truly calls to have to respond...there's almost always something in it larger than money. AND! I found 2 shiny new quarters ON THE GROUND!!!  there's a sign.
I called my gallery and offered to do some commisions...which I normally avoid.
Art money for Art money is the best!

lapousmor Sophie Z'Ours
Sarthe, France
Posts: 2,770

I began first to collect manufactured bears. Then I began making my own bears as I descovered I had a lot of fun making my owns. Then i discovered TT and other great forums and happend to make some bear swaps with other artists. Here began my collection of artist bears. It looks like I cannot stop buying some artist bears (my expensive depend on my financial capabilities). I love especialy to buy bears from artist I can meet either on forums or in live.
I feel too like we find some of the artist soul in a bear.
I definately am unable to make myself a "copy" of another artist's bear even if she/he gives me the pattern of the bear i want! Plus I just do not like the idea of copying someone else's style!

Plus, buying a bear from an artist you happened to get friend with is another way of showing that artist your  admiration for her/his bears.

Just follow your heart, Elk!

Beary hugs,

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