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At some point in the past, a post was up about the new US law that would require anyone making children's items to have the items tested. I just called a CPSC certified Laboratory and got some information that I thought I would share here.

According to this Lab, Trace Laboratory in Hunt Valley, MD., What we, as teddy bear makers, would have to have tested are eyes and noses. According to Stephen, the person I talked to, They need to test the eyes and noses for possible lead contaminants. Textiles themselves are exempt. We would just need to send samples of the eyes/noses and they will test. The cost for this is less than $100.00. They will also do a use and abuse test, to see if the eyes/nose can be pulled off. That test is about $200.00.

I told Stephen that I had my baby-safe line with embroidered eyes and noses, he said they were fine, no test needed. I also told him that the bears I make with the eyes had a label on them stating not recommended for children under age 3....he says that covers me, but to be on the safe side, I will send some of my eyes down and get them tested.

If you use eyes/noses of different colors, each color will need testing.

I have all the information here for the Labs....if you want to contact them, let me know and I will send on the information


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