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minkbears Vintage Mink Bears by Kathy Myers
Lakewood CA
Posts: 1,387

H30a.jpgHappy Halloween!

I actually finished my Halloween themed teddy BEFORE Halloween this year!

This is a little 6 inch mink teddy with a mohair teddy ghost companion (that is also a paw puppet). They come with a really cool skeleton hand goblet as a prop.

You can see more photos on my blog:

Thanks for looking ~ Kathy

Doriane Neverland dolls & bears
Posts: 217

He's adorable ! I also love the paw puppet and the goblet   bear_thumb

Stuffed Lincolnshire
Posts: 45

Such a beautiful little bear, and what a cute little's more 'aww' than 'woo'  bear_wub

Conni Germany
Posts: 1,794

Cute bear and wonderful idea!
I have also visit your blog. Beautiful photos!

desertmountainbear desertmountainbear
Bloomsburg, PA
Posts: 5,399

This is an adorable set.  I love it.


KiddoBears KiddoBears
Posts: 851

Hi! Carol  bear_flower your Trick or Treat Teddy is adorable  just bear_wub his expression  bear_wub His setting fits in nice bear_thumb I just love all your creations they are just so....amazing. Its not easy to create in mink fur. :hug:
Surprise!... its awsome that you live a few miles near me!  :dance: I feel so honard to have you close by.

Francesca KALEideaSCOPE
Posts: 1,306

He has the sweetest eyes! Ready for a nice hug when the ghost are the most scary! bear_original

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