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Tatty Bears South Australia
Posts: 305

Hi All,
       I just bought my first issue of Australian Bear Creations magazine,  bear_wub wow didn't know this kind of mag existed and for it to be Aussie even better, free patterns for such lovely bears, amazing.

But...... Can anyone tell me how often this magazine comes out??, I do NOT want to miss the next issue.

bearlady13 Posts: 177   Here is the web site they have 6 issues per year.

Posts: 1,586

bear_wub I love that magazine also, I usually buy them on ebay from people in Australia.  The patterns and stories in them are fabulous. 
Hugs Pat bear_flower

Mitch2052 Blue Valley Bears
Posts: 770

Hi Sheree,
The magazine has just undergone some changes and I believe it will be put out 4 times a year now. They have also introduced a new magazine called ..I think.. Bears and Collections, not sure how often the mag will be out. Unfortunately the official wesite has not been updated for many years.
I have liked the changes to the magazine, there are heaps more photos and some new editorials.
Cheers Susan

teeeej Brisbane
Posts: 623

Love ABC magazine. I have a huge pile of them!! There is always a few back issues floating around on ebay as well, I have bought tonnes from there.

KiddoBears KiddoBears
Posts: 851

bear_angry Reading your post touch a soft spot I have never forgotten. bear_sad I subscribed long time ago for this magazine. I was disapointed cause they never delivered it to me. I signed up for the whole year and payed by credit card. I was just given the round a round on my delivery and payment. and I gave up. Lucky for those that have it. They probably just deliver in Austrialia.

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