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sezisbak Posts: 1

Hi I am new to the forum, so a quick hello :O) I have am using merino wool for needlefelting but find it can tangle when I do long hair bears.
Is there a better wool to use? Or am I just making the fur too dense? Thanks everyone

mary1507 Ukraine, Lugansk
Posts: 363

I like New Zealand carded wool. It's better felted and not so long)
Good luck,

Conni Germany
Posts: 1,794

I use merino wool! I love to work with her!

Nata Kravtsova Novosibirsk, Russia
Posts: 3

if you want to make the most of a smooth surface is necessary to take Merino (23mcm). But it is easier to work with  carded wool  like New Zealand carded wool

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