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Kidsandteddy The kids and teddy too
Lincoln Ca.
Posts: 1,130

I agree totally with Jenny. I think you just have to so NO sometimes otherwise it takes all of the fun out of the creating process. I will take orders from time to time but it is to much pressure to get the same look of something that they had seen months ago.
I have not done a show in probably three years now. I do miss the people but not the expense of it all and the work !!!. I seem to keep busy enough just doing Ebay and my web site.
And wholesale...Eeeks I just don't like putting in all of that work and having to give a discount.

Big Hugs

Cathy Forcino Apollo Beach, Florida
Posts: 122

Hi Tami,

I have to agree with the folks who are telling you to concentrate on just one or two outlets for your bears.   It's the old adage you can't be all things to all people.  To do a website, auctions, commissions, shops and shows - well!  You'd need to be 5 people  :crackup:   I will tell you that it's a sacrifice.  When you make your decision and select the avenues that suit you best and make you happiest, there will be some disappointments so you'll have to be prepared to deal with that.  For instance, if you chose to eliminate shops they won't be happy and you may hinder your chances for selection in some of the annual competitions.  Which makes sense and is fair.  They want to promote the artists that they carry.  If you eliminate custom orders, you'll disappoint some collectors.  But, that's a biggie for a lot of artists.  They don't like the pressure and restriction of creativity custom orders put on them.  And the list goes on and one.  But, my best advice is pick your top favorites and concentrate on those.  And be firm in your convictions.  Funny story about too much on a plate.  Years ago a very famous artist who shall remain unknown had a lovely website.  I was new then and so much enjoyed visiting different sites and drawing inspiration for such wonderful talent.  My bears were so hideous, some never saw the light of day  :redface:   Well, one day I was again visiting this website and at the bottom was a link.  It promised to take me to the 100 top best teddy bear sites.  Oh boy!  I clicked on and UH OH!  It had been purchased and converted to a [INVALID] site featuring large nude men who called themselves 'Your Teddy Bear"  EEEEEK!   Now we all know that this is NOT a link that would be appropriate to a teddy bear site especailly since children love to see the our teddy bears.  I wrote right away to this lovely lady to alert her to the problem.  2 MONTHS later, the link was still active.  She was so busy with shops and shows and orders, that her website fell by the wayside.  She was never aware this had happened and had not checked her website emails in all that time.  Not a good thing.  So, I hope this will be your most memorable example of what can happen if we try to do too many things!   :crackup:   It was very funny (except for the little children part)

Cathy Lynn Forcino

customteddys Custom Teddys
Juneau, Alaska
Posts: 1,550

I know the name of my business is "Custom Teddys" a name I picked 20 years ago. The truth is, like many of you, my greatest inspiration comes from the bears I create from my own imagination.  It seems that every time I make a custom order, I lose my B**tt, and end up working for hours for nothing. Partly because I am a perfectionist, and the other part is that I am not a business person (ha) and end up quoting a price to my customer way under what it actually takes to make the bear. Most people really don't understand what it takes to create the objects we love.. Thanks for listening and sharing  bear_wacko Vicki

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