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Tatty Bears South Australia
Posts: 305

Hi All,
       My sister has borrowed 101 bears to make by Nancy Tillberg from our local library and today I looked through it, amazing book with lots of lovely bears but one in particular fascinated me it was a bear with 3 or 4 ( can't remember how many) changeable heads. Does anyone know how this is done, how they attach and stay on???? I love the idea of making one of these after all the head is the most fun part to make, I get a bit bored putting the bodies together. Lol.

I have only skimmed through the book, looked at the pictures, so it may of metioned how it was done but I thought I would ask as I know some of you have this book. Ta

thondra rosenheim / bayern
Posts: 311

hm i thought i was reading somewhere that really strong magnets are used ?
*scratches head*
might be an other headchanger though bear_original

Lhearn Critters Creations
Posts: 1,303

The magnets are called earth magnets. They are very strong. Stronger then the craft magnet.

Us Bears Pennsylvania
Posts: 1,479

We would never have any Teddy Bears whose heads come off in this den.   :/
That's too much like Marie Antoinette!   bear_shocked  Macabre!   bear_wacko

To change a Bear's head into a rabbit?  That's just wrong.   bear_angry

wubbiebear Braille Teddies
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Posts: 671

I also collect dolls and I know that some doll collectors take one doll's head off and put it on another body.  I guess you could do the same with the bears, but I think that's kind of creepy.  I hope I'm not hitting any bad chords with that comment.

Us Bears Pennsylvania
Posts: 1,479
wubbiebear wrote:

I guess you could do the same with the bears, but I think that's kind of creepy.

+1 on the "creepy!"

SueAnn Past Time Bears
Flower Mound, Texas
Posts: 20,501

SueAnn Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Pink, is a 'press-button' what Americans call a 'snap'?

BeauT Bears BeauT Bears
Posts: 190
SueAnn wrote:

Pink, is a 'press-button' what Americans call a 'snap'?

I think the correct English translation is press stud but I don't know if this is also used in American English.

ArtHeart Kran-Beary's
Thunder Bay ON Canada
Posts: 318

The bear you are referring to in the book is called "What Fun, Four Heads in One" by Edie Barlishen.   I'm not sure what technique she used to create her bear, but I used to teach an online class called Fabulous Faces which had 3 heads and one body. We made a bear head, bunny head and puppy head. The body is built with a neck 'stump' and the heads have a liner that ties securely around the stump.  Planning to release it as an ebook this year.  It's scheduled to be book 4. Currently Elf, and Belle are released, and the next one will be 'Smile- open mouth bears.'     The Belle ebook is bonus material on the 101 Bears to Make ebook CD which is available on my website.

nancy t

Tatty Bears South Australia
Posts: 305

The heads in the book were all Teddy heads but with different expression, mouth open and stuff.
Just imagine what fun you could have swapping heads and tricking people. Lol.

edie Bears by Edie
Southern Alberta
Posts: 2,068

What-fun-3-in-1-miniature-set.JPGHi Sheree,
Yes, I am the one who made that bear set pictured in Nancy's book. That was my first one and since then I have done many more and some of them have had different animal heads and accessories. I have used snap fasteners on all of the ones I have done so far but have also thought that the rare earth magnets would work really well too. I am a doll collector so got the idea from seeing sets of dolls with interchangeable heads. They are a lot of fun and as you said, making the head is the most fun part! Here's a picture of another one I did in a smaller size - I think this one was about 3" tall.

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