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djbbears Queensland
Posts: 356

Hi Guys....I am making army bears at the moment and putting it out there at the moment I need to know how to do a beret in one peice of felt if possible..can anyone help please..... bear_thumb

BeauT Bears BeauT Bears
Posts: 190

Perhaps buy one original and replicate it in the size you want it?

I think army barets will be available in Australia, but if not you could try this webshop … anguage=en

Good luck!

Us Bears Pennsylvania
Posts: 1,479

Knit or crochet a beret out of 100% wool yarn then wash it in the washing machine until it felts.

edie Bears by Edie
Southern Alberta
Posts: 2,068

I think it would be kind of hard to make it in one piece - any reason why you can't just cut two circles of felt, cut another smaller circle the size to fit the bears head out of the centre of one and then sew both circles together around the outside and turn the seam to the inside and pull it on the bear's head at a jaunty angle. If it is for a larger bear you could sew a narrow band (folded in half) around the head size circle to give a more finished edge. (If it is for a miniature bear this would be harder to do and might add too much bulk).

Densteds Densteds
Posts: 2,056

Hi Debbie,

here's one, it's not in one piece, but looks very easy, you just need to cut it down to suit the bear's head size … t/page/all

djbbears Queensland
Posts: 356

Thanks everyone.....have tried the steaming with the iron and it will take forever, and a few sore thinking sewing the 2 pieces of felt I dont think it matters that much but am going to steam where the seam is so it wont be that noticable...fingers crossed.....thanks everyone.. bear_flower


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