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Rosiedoc Glasgow
Posts: 13

Hello Fellow TT'rs,

You were so helpful before;

I am looking for a sewing pattern for a Sznaucer dog if possible, I have a basic pattern for a dog that I can adjust if all else fails but just thought I would ask if anyone on here would know where I can buy or download a pattern of a Sznaucer.

Many Thanks

Rosie x  bear_wub

BeauT Bears BeauT Bears
Posts: 190

Not a schautzer dog pattern but perhaps the Lisa Pay pattern of Scribbles, a terrier, comes close. This pattern is available at Berelijn (just send them an e-mail); see this link   Maybe you could use this pattern as a starting point for your schnautzer?
I've seen the same pattern offered elsewhere on the internet, however at a higher price. And I know Berelijn doesn't charge huge amounts for shipping, on the contrary bear_thumb .

Rosiedoc Glasgow
Posts: 13

Hi Marianne,

Thank you so much for this information, I started the Schnauzer dog from another pattern I have & just adapted it to suit, not finished it yet but hope it works out ok, I know where to look in future.
Your bears are beautiful :)

Thank you for your post.
Rosie x bear_flower

teeeej Brisbane
Posts: 623

Lisa Pay does a Schnauzer dog pattern. … 4606f3f0c6

Rosiedoc Glasgow
Posts: 13


teeeej wrote:

Lisa Pay does a Schnauzer dog pattern. … 4606f3f0c6

Wow, that is a beautiful dog & so life like, thank you for your post, I worked on part of a pattern I had for a pet dog & adapted the rest of the pattern as the request for the schnauzer was for a birthday present for yesterday so the clock was against me, my little Schnauzer turned out ok I guess, more cartoon like, the new owner was delighted with it.1345464106_harvey3.png

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