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Phy Posts: 2

I have made furry dolls before but I never used mohair or things like that.
I have bought a pattern for a lovely little dog but I just can't figure out which length of Schulte alpaka would be best to create that fluffy face. Would 17mm be enough or should it be much longer. I have nevere seen this material so please help me to make a discision. … 17-585.jpg

He will be a secret santa gift to a person I don't know ... yet!

greetings from germany~
and thanks in advance~

dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 6,013

Many patterns will suggest a type of mohair or alpaca, but since your pattern doesn't specify, my guess is to go a bit longer than 17mm. (I'm American so my guess is from 3/4 inch to 1 inch, which is around 19 to 25 mm.) It looks like  a fairly sparse (not dense) alpaca to me.

You could also send the photo to your mohair/alpaca supplier and ask them to recommend a fabric type?

Good luck with the doggie!


BeauT Bears BeauT Bears
Posts: 190

Looks like a 1-inch alpaca to me and definitely not sparse. Now that you mention it, I've never seen a sparse alpaca  :rolleyes:
Perhaps this pups' fur looks slightly sparse because of the trimming in the face and the fact that the pup seems not to have been properly groomed before his picture was taken.

Maybe I'm wrong but I'm not entirely sure Schulte (or Steiff Schulte as the new name has been for some time now) produces an alpaca fur of this length. My local supplier sells gorgeous 1-inch alpaca fur in various colours, but from another (German) make. It is, however, lovely material to work with. If you want to have the contact details (of my supplier bear_original / they do offer mail order service) just send me a PM.


karenaus Melbourne
Posts: 694

The overall height of the pup is important when it comes to choosing the length of fur- do you know how big he is? You cant really choose a fur without knowing the size of the finished piece.
      Can you email the pattern designer to ask which fur they used? Or whoever you got the pattern from? Usually you can buy kits with the identical fabrics, it might be worth you doing this, so you know you have the right fur.

BatFinchBears BatFinch Bears
Posts: 47

I think these guys have already said everything I would have said, but I wanted to add that that doggie is very cute! Where did you get it/who sells it?

Phy Posts: 2

Hi! Thanks for the advice. I contacted someone who actualy made this little guy and she said she used 22mm Alpaka for it. The doggie is not big so this shoud be it. The pattern is from a german designer. Thats her etsy shop Teddy Manufaktur Etsy

Im so in love with all her animal dolls <3

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