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hvang11 Oklahoma
Posts: 2

Hello friends, I've had this teddy bear for as long as I can remember. I recently found him again and my niece took a liking to him. His condition is pretty bad and I would like to find out what kind of bear he is and if possible to acquire another one for my niece. Thanks to anyone who can help bear_laugh

BeauT Bears BeauT Bears
Posts: 190

Hi Houa, I think you might get more response if you posted a picture of your bear here. Furthermore your message doesn´t mention anything about the approximate age of your bear. You say you´ve got him/her ´for as long as you can remember´ but how long would that be? If you are 50 or more years of age we are talking about a bear of respectable age, if you are this age and the bear was your mums or dads childhood bear we are talking antique, but if you are a young person and you didn´t inherit the bear from an older person it probably is a rather young bear. The fact for instance that you are thinking of buying a similar bear for your niece gives the impression that your bear is rather young. You see, many answers are possible. If you really want to get any help you need to provide more details on your bear because based on the current details I don´t think anyone will be able to help you. Good luck!

hvang11 Oklahoma
Posts: 2

I apologize for that I swear I had an image up with my opening post D:But to answer some of your questions. I'm around 22 and I received my teddy bear when I was 5 so around 1995. He also has no tags on him which makes it harder to track down who made him.


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