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LisaAP Arcas designs
Posts: 941

Hello everyone,

I'd like to introduce you to my latest creation who was lucky enough to find himself a new home through my mailing list.  Kelly is a flamboyant little mouse who just loves sing and dance in the rain.  He is named after his movie idol Gene Kelly and comes complete with his very own rain covered colourful umbrella.  bear_original

I do hope you like him.  There are lots more photos to be found on my website if you'd like to see some more.  bear_original






Bears N Blooms Bears N Blooms
Posts: 134


Kelly is so perfect and I love all the details from the rain drops right down to the rain boots. Excellent work!  bear_thumb

LittleButtonMeadow Button Meadow Bears
Posts: 610

Beautiful bear_original  red wellies too, big thumbs up bear_original x

Zaahra Kaunas
Posts: 57

Wow! Amazing! The rain drops look like real. Good work!  bear_thumb

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