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Caroline D Posts: 150


I see in many posts and articles most people use Copic markers to tint and shade their bears. My daughter has many Promarkers, which seem to be a very similar   pen, even a blender pen to mix and bleach out the inks. Does any one have any experience of both types of pen, are the Copic markers much better than the Promarkers, as they seem to be almost  3 times the price? Thanks


LittleButtonMeadow Button Meadow Bears
Posts: 610

Hi Caroline

I prefer Promarkers, I find them better than Copic markers, and as you say a lot cheaper!  bear_thumb

Bears N Blooms Bears N Blooms
Posts: 134

Hi Caroline,

I prefer Copic markers but not because I feel they are superior. They are equal in quality in my opinion, they are just different in design, different color coding system and color offering. I have heard that the Promarkers reds are truer but I don't really use red so I can't verify this. Promarkers are a UK brand and not readily available in the US but I can get them off of Ebay so getting the Copics is a little more accessible for me.  I prefer the shape of the Copic nibs over the Promarkers. In addition, I like barrel feel of the Copics and I like the color combination of the color packs over the Promarkers. Again, this is just personal preference. If you are coloring on paper, then I always tell people to go with the Copics because they blend well without the noticeable lines (even when using the circle method which is what you are suppose to do with Alcohol based pens).

I know that the Copics are refillable and the nibs can be changed out. I am not sure about the Promarkers. I have been told you can't so that might be the justification for the higher cost of Copics. I know once you refill the pens, it is cheaper than buying a new one.

As for shading, you will get the same results with the Promarkers so go ahead and use them as they are about half the cost of the Copics and it sounds like you have access to plenty of colors!. bear_original

Caroline D Posts: 150

So, perhaps it's mainly that Promarkers are more easily available here, which is part of what makes them cheaper. I suppose refilling would make them cheaper, if you used a lot of a colour, but there seems to be a much bigger selection of colours of Promarkers than Copic markers here too. Thanks for your input ladies. I shall carry on borrowing my daughter's until I can work out which colours I would use the most, then I'll probably get some of my own.

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