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Strawbeary designs Strawbeary designs
Posts: 25

Hi, I've been lucky enough to get a stand at Hugglets in September..this is my very first show..Ever! Up till now I have just sold my bears on Bearpile and my Facebook page. So my questions are 1 Do I need insurance? 2 Does it need to be specific to doing a public liability? And any recommendations as to which insurance company's are good? I'm in England and also what do we call ourselves on the insurance!..Artists?.. Thanks.xx

Kat Brierley Bears
Barnsley, South Yorkshire
Posts: 384

Yes, you do need to have public and products liability insurance.
I used to use GM Imber's Craftinsure Starter policy which is around £50 for the year. Unfortunately this policy doesn't cover selling overseas though.
Here is the link if you would like to take a look at these: … e-starter/

I am currently with a-n. It's £36 for the year to become a member of, which includes public and product liability insurance (this includes cover for items sold to USA and Canada etc).
Here's the link if you want to take a look at these:

Hope this helps x

Strawbeary designs Strawbeary designs
Posts: 25

Hi Kat! Thanks very much for the reply and the links! I have sold a couple of bears that have gone overseas so that would be a good idea to be covered! The A&N sounds good, I will give them a call! Thanks again!xx

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