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Kat Brierley Bears
Barnsley, South Yorkshire
Posts: 384

Please allow me to introduce you to Caelan.

He is a gift for my best friends little boy, and is named after him. He's only 8 months old, and obviously he is a keepsake, every child needs a bear to grow up with don't they?

Caelan's dad's family are Irish, so when I asked for a suggestion for a bear they told me Irish and green. They chose the emerald green fur, and I made up the rest as I went along.

Anyway, I think he turned out rather well. Actually, I think the position of the seam on the left side of his face gives him quite a mischievous look, and the right side looks sweet and innocent.

He's off to his new home next weekend, where he will be getting a pendant to finish him off.

Hope you like him bear_original

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