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Lanctot’s Loveables Teddy - Handmade collectible teddy bears by Rhonda-Lynne Lanctôt. Bears ranging in size from 0.75 inches to 21 inches.

student bearmaker Northern Ireland
Posts: 283

This is the biggest bear I've made so far, he stands at 59cms/22ins.The designer of the pattern is Marlene de Lorenzo.
I couldn't believe how greedy he was in eating sooooooo .... much stuffing  bear bear_grin .
Every bear I make teaches me another lesson and this one was not to trim the mohair on the face so short next time if I want a pear- drop shaped muzzle bear bear_cry .

dangerbears Dangerbears
Posts: 6,019

It's a fantastic muzzle indeed!  bear_original  I like the way you've trimmed the mohair.


student bearmaker Northern Ireland
Posts: 283

Thank you very much,Becky,you've made me feel better about how he looks.

New Avenue Crew New Avenue Crew by Debora Hoffmann
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Posts: 1,959

Renee, he turned out so cute! Love his look. Great job!

MonBears Original Mon Bears
Posts: 37

I think his muzzle is absolute perfection!!! Just goes to show, sometimes we bear makers have a vision for the bear we want to make and can be hard on ourselves if it doesn't meet that. Doesn't mean the bear isn't cute as pie though at the end of the day! Hector is gorgeous- well done bear_original

student bearmaker Northern Ireland
Posts: 283

Thank you Debora and Monique for your lovely comments,it's encouraging to get positive feedback.
I agree Monique, teddy bears often demand how they want to look despite our best efforts,mine often change gender like magic  bear_grin !

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