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MissTasi Posts: 2

Hi everyone, I'm new, and I had a question concerning Boyds Bears.  I'm especially fond of the small 11' bears with the limp, floppy limbs, like Sasha from the J.B Bean Bearwear series.  I prefer that style over the more common stiffly stuffed traditional jointed bears, but I have trouble identifying which is which by looking at images on sites like ebay and etsy.  Could any of you familiar with Boyds give me a rundown of the critters whose style matches Sasha's?  I'm particularly interested at the moment in Elspeth the 8' ewe.  Thanks for any information you can provide guys!

EJ Netcong, New Jersey
Posts: 1,499

Hello there!

Have you looked at the website?   They have a search engine there of their products.... bear_original

MissTasi Posts: 2

Yeah I have, it wasn't quite as thorough as I needed.  I could always ask the sellers, but it takes a lot of time to repost the same message X number of times to a number of different people and wait for them to get back to you, by which time a better deal may have passed you by.

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