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Kstcreates Posts: 2

I also posted in the new members areas, but figured I would go ahead and jump in and post here as well.
I’ve done clay pieces, and here recently started dabbling With soft bodies with clay faces and paws/feet/hands. I was researching cotter pins when I came across this site. I’m looking for the best method to attach the clay pieces that will also give the creation poseablity. I saw the stringing method mentioned somewhere and except for ball jointed dolls, know nothing of stringing dolls. How do you string a soft body creation? Also, with cotter pins and clay creations, keep in mind I have to bake the pieces and I’m thinking insert the cotter piece prebake. Are there all metal cotter pins/ washers - whatever is involved with that method? Any other methods I could research and learn that would help my pursuit to create these little creations? Also, what is the best way to make patterns for bears/bunnies/animals /fantasy creatures?
Thanks for any help,

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