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  I have cut the pattern for my new bear on soft-textured non-hair  fabric from old curtains.  I am about to start to sew and am debating between hand-sewing and my sewing machine.  I am going on a road trip and want something to do with my hands, but I also will be making this bear for a child so I am aware that there needs to be strength in the seams.  Does anyone have experience hand-sewing the entire bear, what is the stitch that will make it strong.  Any info is very much appreicaited

It's a great pattern and a fun forum and I am excited about this new project.  Full disclosure, this is my first bear as an adult, I completed one as a teen for a fundraiser and remember feeling very proud with the finished product (though no-one bought my bear at the bazaar, not that I am holding a grudge!  bear_innocent )

Thanks again and keep up the good work everyone!

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