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Thanks for the encouragement! Here is a picture of her when I finished sewing her parts last night. She obviously isn't stuffed or jointed, just held together by pins. Her eyes are pins at the moment too.

I'll be going out and getting her eyes today. Could anyone recommend a good eye placing tutorial for button eyes? The ones with little loops on the back for attaching? I'd prefer to have them pull the fabric around her eyes in a bit, to help shape the head.

Thanks and well wishes for all of your bears/animals!



Hello all,

I was searching for a pattern for a bear, simply because I was bored and looking for a use for a chunk of synthetic fur I've got. I found the pattern for "Goldie" and now she's got all her parts sewn, she just needs to be stuffed, put together, and given her face. I think this will probably be the trickiest part for me, as I've never made a three dimensional stuffed animal for me. I'm incredibly excited to put the joints in her. When she's done (if I don't wreck her) I'll ship her over to England as a gift to my best friend.

When I measured the fabric scrap I've got it came to 13.5 inches by 26.5 inches so I had to re-size the pattern down to 85%.With the thickness of the fur, and the incredibly small seams, I'd imagine she came out to be around the original size any way!

I sewed her by hand with 1/8 inch seams using snow white synthetic fur. The pile is very plushy and when the fabric is laid on a table, pile up, it's about half an inch high. She'll probably have simple (shiny) black button eyes and I wont be putting a joint in her neck. For her pads what I ended up doing was cutting them from the same fur, then shaving them bald with an electric hair trimmer my husband has. They came out with a nice, soft velvetine like feel, and look great against her long hair. Her mouth and nose will probably be black cotton stitching.

When she is done I'll post a picture up here, and a more formal 'thank you' to Sue Ann for sharing this pattern.



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