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Hi everyone!  I am using mohair for the first time and came across a PETA article about the treatment of the goats we get mohair from.  Should I be concerned?


Wanted to give a big thank you for this tip "thread!"  I'm going to start my first jointed real fur teddy bear soon from a mink stole.  I'm so anxious about it.


Thanks for this thread!  I just came home from the hardware store with cotter pins and fender washers.

Thanks for the tip Customteddys

customteddys wrote:

I've been using all sizes of fender washers for years for jointing my bears. I love them, especially for the smaller bears. I use a super epoxy to glue a piece of heavy cardboard to each washer on the side of the disk that goes against the bear body. It seems like I was having a hard time getting my joints tight enough and the bears arms, legs, etc., just moved too fast. With a little cardboard (or even felt might work just as well) it adds a little grip to the disk and it doesn't slip against the fabric so easily. Vicki

Thebearbehind - Thanks for sharing about the little washers being unnecessary with fender washers!  I was wondering about that.


Hi everyone!  I'm new to being a teddy bear artist.  Made a bunch of jointed bunny rabbits and then, a wool sweater called to me to become a teddy bear.  I got done sewing all the parts and was ready to put joints in when I discovered I only had one safety plastic joint in the right size.  Michael's and JoAnn's didn't have any so, I ventured over to Home Depot.  They had cotter pins and metal washers.  I hope the metal will be ok against the wool fabric.   Has anyone tried the hidden button technique for joints?  Thanks so much for this thread!  Lots of great ideas.  Attaching photos of my recycled bear in process.

Wool sweater inspiration

Prototype for pattern pieces

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