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dellyb Personally For You
West Yorkshire
Posts: 26

Hello all

I've had a good luck through the "real fur" library but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I am about to acquire some fur coats and if the condition is ok I would like to try my best at making my first fur bear.

I am just wanting to know the best type of thread to sew with for the main sewing, whether it be by hand or my machine. I generally use a bonded nylon for this but wasn't sure it would be ok on the hide. I know to increase stitch length, and general advise is to use a synthetic sinew to stitch up... So advise would be much appreciated please.

Thank you

Logibears Posts: 12


I use a lot of vintage fur and only ever hand sew. I am not sure how well it would take to being machined. I use either quilting or upholstery thread as you need a strong thread.

What kind of fur is it that you have?

Maryanne, x

dellyb Personally For You
West Yorkshire
Posts: 26

Hi there, thank you for that. I am going to see what condition it's in first before I decide whether to hand or machine sew. My machine will manage leather, it's just whether the skin will be too delicate.

One is a grey rabbit coat. One is a dark brown stole which may be mink?? Really not sure but it has tails as tassles too... The other coat is a lighter foxy red but quite fine so maybe rabbit again? I havnt had a good look yet as still in bag in boot of car... Can't wait though to check them out properly... Fingers crossed I can do something with them ....

Mo Beary Mo Bear Designs
Redcliff, Alberta, Canada
Posts: 1,536

Hi Adele,

I use Gutermann 100% Polyester thread for all my bears including real fur.  It is very strong.  I also hand sew all real fur bears.  If the hides are dry you can put Glycerin on the hide to try and re-hydrate it a bit.  I also line all of my real fur bears to give the hide some extra strength.  Both work wonderful.  I buy Glycerin at Michaels but I'm not sure where you would buy it in the UK.  It is sold in the Cake Decorating department as it is used in Royal Icing.

Good luck, I hope the furs are in good shape for you - it's so exciting using something different!

dellyb Personally For You
West Yorkshire
Posts: 26

Hi again

Ok I got the furs. 2 rabbit and one lovely mink stole.

I have read lots on this fab site and taken on board all that has been said. I have cut my first head out in one of the rabbit furs just for a practise. The skin was lovely and supple so I had no problems there. I have had a play at trimming the face today... First time ever as I work in felt... Ahem , well, what shall I say, practise makes perfect! I think my pattern was just slightly the wrong shape and the fur is quite thin with it being rabbit so I knew it would be a challenge ... I think maybe the next one I may insert the muzzle so I can felt it... Not sure yet... Watch this space ;-)

Michelle Helen Chaska, Minnesota
Posts: 2,895

I agree with Jane. Use 100% Polyester thread. also line each bear piece with good quality muslin. Please hand baste the muslin to each pattern piece. glue can is bad for the hide and will compromise the integrity of the leather. You don't want seams to start popping years later because the glue eroded the leather. If the bear is big enough, you can use your sewing mashing. Just make sure you use a leather needle for both machine or hand sewing.

creationsbyjdb Orlando FL
Posts: 4

Wanted to give a big thank you for this tip "thread!"  I'm going to start my first jointed real fur teddy bear soon from a mink stole.  I'm so anxious about it.

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