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articrose On The Brite Side
Posts: 34

I am VERY new to teddy bear making, never made one yet but i have done several soft sculpted dolls. I skimmed thru the archives and didnt see what I was looking for, I'm sure its there but I could sit here for hours looking so instead of searching more I'll ask.
1. would like to find some good sources as books and instructions on bear making, the techniques I'd like to also learn are
2.  needle felting of the pads and muzzle,
3how to needle sculpt the paws,
4how to insert claws and made from what
5 what to use and how to use joints.
if you can give me a list of books, videos, website tuitorials I'd appreciate it. I am so amazed at the beauty of some of the bears I see made by different artists and would love to be able to make my own.
Sheri in cold snowy Alaska

millie PottersHouse Bears
Posts: 2,173

Well first, welcome to the world of teddy bear making.  As far as books, Nancy Tillberg has wonderful books.  They are just packed full of information and are very easy to follow.  You can check her site North Country Teddy Bears.  I'm not sure if the books are available through there or not.  Also, - just search by author and you should be able to find them.  I hope this is helpful.  Sorry I can't help with needle felting questions.  I have not yet ventured into this area.

Tammy Beckoning Bears
Nova Scotia
Posts: 3,739

Hi Sheri,
Welcome to TT !  Isn't it exciting to try new crafts.  If you look at the top of the screen there is a toolbar.  Click on the SEARCH button and you can type in anything you want to look up.  Most of the questions you have ,have been discussed here before and you'll find many helpful answers.   As Millie suggested, Nancy Tillberg has so much to offer in terms of books and online classes too. 

If you don't find what you need ask again and we'll be glad to help out.

Dilu Posts: 8,574

Welcome Sheri,

What a perfect new avocation to take up for winter in Alaska!

There are so very many books on the could spend a fortune.  But Nancy's is a great place to start, she tailors the book for the beginner, the intermediate and the advanced.

You might also enjoy taking a class....some of our  teddyfolks here teach at E-Bearz.

Your enthusiasm is aplaudable, and we can all understand your desire to know it all- NOW!

I look forward to your first bear....

golly hugs

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