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sarahjane Brisbane
Posts: 2,951

At the risk of sounding like a total idiot  :doh:  Could someone please tell me what is the difference between a Toby nomination and an Industry Choice Award???  Do you enter for Industry Choice or is it chosen from all the entries??

I know this is probably a really silly question but I don't have any of the overseas magazines to be able to find out and it is going to drive me crazy until I know!!!!!  bear_wacko

Chico, California
Posts: 9,939

Shelli Retired Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Not a silly question, sweetie.

Both the TOBY and the Golden Teddy awards are sponsored by US magazines.  The TOBY, by Teddy Bear & Friends, and the Golden Teddy, by Teddy Bear Review.

Both contests first narrow down the entrants into category groups with about six pieces each which are chosen by a panel of judges. 

For the TOBY, what we think of as a nomination is actually called the TOBY "Industry's Choice" Award.  You even get a beautiful crystal trophy!  It's the first step in the process.  Those who receive the IC Award have photos of their work showcased in the TOBY voting issue later in the year (this year I think it's a summer issue; in the past it was early fall.)  The public votes on which Industry's Choice winner in each category they think is worthy of the PUBLIC CHOICE AWARD.  That one piece will be the ultimate "winner" for that category.

For the Golden Teddy, the nomination idoesn't go by a special name that I'm aware of.  In fact, my nominee ribbon from 2005 says NOMINEE on it.  Makes sense!

Those who receive a nomination for the Golden Teddy receive a beautiful maroon ribbon and, as with the TOBY award, have photos of their work showcased in the Golden Teddy voting issue later in the year.  The public votes on which nominee in each category they think is worthy of the WINNER award.  That one piece will be the ultimate "winner" for that category.

Hope this clears things up! These two contests really do run very similarly; they just call the "nominee" process by different names, and for the TOBY, there is a trophy rather than a ribbon award for the nominee phase.

sarahjane Brisbane
Posts: 2,951

Ahhhh Thank you Sheeli, it's much clearer now...I thought that they must be two different catagories or something   :hug:  I must say it's been very exciting on TT today to see so many talented artists nominated in such a major competition.

bumblebearies Bumblebearies
Calgary, Alberta
Posts: 436

I am glad u asked Sarah all was confusing me too.   And also there seemed to be so many... so I am guessing there must be scads of categories as well....
Thanks for asking and getting it clarified... it is a bit easier now... though still not totally clear... but... live and learn....

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