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NancyAndFriends Posts: 1,153

gas-prices.jpgThought you would enjoy this picture.

SueAnn Past Time Bears
Double Oak, Texas
Posts: 21,094

SueAnn Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Great - love it!! bear_grin

I Love Teddies South Florida
Posts: 1,684

That's funny, but sad at the same time because it's true!  bear_original

clare14 Country Bears
Posts: 3,066

We've just heard here in he UK that we're gonna experience blockades and go slows on the motorways to protest as our petrol prices hit over £1+ per litre as against the prices in the EU etc, and as my family run a heavy goods workshop, and another business, it will hit us as well as everyone else -it's a worry.

Nancy, you're so right!

Dilu Posts: 8,574

a couple of days ago it was $3 here in O'Brien-but we all took our business elsewhere and the new owner who thought he had us by the........lowered it back to $2.88

It's interesting that we aren't having inflation and the economy is great!

For whome exactly is the economy great?  Those who get to live on over !50-200 thou.?


Mutz Mutz's Tootsz Bears & Buds
New Berlin, Wisconsin
Posts: 397

The high price in Wisconsin was ranging at $3.69 for regualar. We have  a lot of State tax on our gas/  It is bace to $2.99 this week.

rufnut Rufnut Teddy's
Victoria Australia
Posts: 2,725

Too true, we are up to nearly $1.40 per litre.:(

Helena Bears-a-Bruin!
Macclesfield, UK
Posts: 1,291

I heard yesterday that gas and electricity prices are all set to rise in the UK too, apparently a knock-on effect of the oil prices (I think that's right?). We got our electricity bill this morning and it's way higher than this time last year :(.

Jo-Ann G Budd Bears Boutique
BC, Canada
Posts: 241

New-Fuel-Gauge.jpgHere's another one for you.  The New Fuel Gauge.

SueAnn Past Time Bears
Double Oak, Texas
Posts: 21,094

SueAnn Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

bear_grin bear_grin bear_grin bear_grin

Chico, California
Posts: 9,939

Shelli Retired Help Advisor, Banner Sponsor

Jo-Ann, I love it.

NancyAndFriends Posts: 1,153

too cute JoAnne!  thanks for sharing that one too.

Helena Bears-a-Bruin!
Macclesfield, UK
Posts: 1,291

Hubby just got home from work - apparently all the petrol stations he saw on his way had huge queues of cars outside them. People are panic buying.

Thank goodness for the light relief in this thread! bear_grin

kbonsall Kim-Bee Bears
Posts: 5,645

Actually, here in Pennsylvania, our gas prices have gone down again like they were before... is is in the $2.80s per gallon (was up around $3.25)

Tammy Beckoning Bears
Nova Scotia
Posts: 3,739

I wanted to share this funny "gasoline Song" link.  It's good for a laugh ! Be forwarned that there is a bit of adult content in the lyrics- nothing really bad though. So don't open it if you don't want to.


matilda Matilda Huggington-beare
Posts: 5,551

Here in Perth the queues became so long that the police had to clear them.
The sale of scooters apparently has gone through the roof. And in the CBD the sale of push bikes is up. People have finally abandoned their cars for the train.
People are paying their petrol bills with electronic hardware. The servo's seem to becoming a hock shop. (it's more of a iou sort of thingy)
We have'nt seen the worst yet...........:(:(

jenny Three O'clock Bears
warwickshire uk
Posts: 4,413

We're facing protest blockades at petrol stations from tomorrow...we are looking at around £4.50/ $8 a gallon in the UK.

I might start walking to work...It would do me good anyway...

Not much fun here whichever way you look at it!!


Helena Bears-a-Bruin!
Macclesfield, UK
Posts: 1,291

The pumps at our Tesco petrol station were dry this morning. I think they'll be getting a delivery later today, but no doubt it won't last long. Not sure if it's my imagination, but the roads seem a lot quieter too. Obviously people aren't using their cars if they don't have to. It's scary to think that we're all so reliant on oil, and that a little panic buying or threat of one day action is enough to cause chaos.

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