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Jennskains Posts: 2,203

Hi.  What is happening with louise?  Is She alright?

Dilu Posts: 8,574


I have e-mailed Garnet, but have not received any replies and it doesn't seem anyone else has either.  Louise did say she would be going back to the hospital for more tests and I am hoping that is alol it is. 

I can't say no news is god news, but I think, that until we hear from one of them, we will just have to hope and pray for good things to happen for Louise.

She is certainly in my prayers, these past few days.


Wisdom Bears Wisdom Bears
Ayrshire, Scotland.
Posts: 951

Hi Dilu,
                   I, m sure Garnet will notify you of Louises condition when appropriate. Until then we will all pray hard for a swift recovery. We all miss you and Love you Louise.

Hugs of Hope Rita xxxx

Laura Lynn Teddy Bear Academy
Nicholasville, KY
Posts: 3,651

Laura Lynn Banner Sponsor

Hi all,

I've heard from Louise and she's still having tests done.  All our emails DO put a smile on her face:D  even if she's not feeling up to answering them.

Get Well Louise!!

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