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greatwon2 AlmostBears
Posts: 332

hello all bear_original  now i feel a bit silly posting this as im not really new to bears anymore bear_tongue  but ive got a realistic bear project in mind and have absolutly no idea what mohair/ synthetic i need....i know what i want it to look like but no clue what all the differant pile lengths and styles mean. :redface: ....can someone please take pity on poor me and help me out bear_tongue

the fabric im after is... well, obviously brown (darkish) i want it to have a lighter backing...straight pile, dense(not sparse)...Cheap bear_whistle  bear_grin
i dont really mind if its mohair or synthetic.

any ideas would be very muchly appreciated bear_original


Gantaeno Je Suis Lugly!
Posts: 1,065

Hey Natty, i don't think we've spoken bear_original

Bear Basics here in the UK sells Schulte Mohair, and I think a couple of these are pretty close to what you want: … dsToShow=8

Maybe you could order the same fabric a little closer to home? Bear basics do ship internationally though bear_original 

For synthetics, Tissavel do a Brown Bear fabric... they are the kings of synthetics however so it can be expensive; well worth it though!  You could try buying a tissavel coat cheap on Ebay and using that too...

Hope that's of some assistance!

greatwon2 AlmostBears
Posts: 332

Thank off to check out that link now bear_original

lapousmor Sophie Z'Ours
Sarthe, France
Posts: 2,770

Oh, chloe, what a good thing you gave that link!!!!
I did not know about that retailer and they have great fabrics (already interested in their alpacas!).
I added it to my bookmarks for further shopping.
They even have some sample sets so I will order one in the following months, for sure.

Schulte mohair is great, Natty. I love it very much. I think alpaca should be great for realistic bears.

Have fun!

Beary hugs,

K Pawz Guest

Hi could also look into Intercal's Alpaca's as I find them perfect for realistic bears...they have all lengths all are very dense, easy to scissor sculpt, and very reasonably priced as well. Depending how much you need, they usually have quite a few selections in the Small cuts section. I have used the brown and the tipped and both are amazing.


Gantaeno Je Suis Lugly!
Posts: 1,065

bear_laugh I'm glad you like it, Sophie: I thought everyone knew Bear Basics! They got me into this whole thing!  Do you know Christie Bears too?  Tell them I sent you! bear_happy

greatwon2 AlmostBears
Posts: 332

thanks krista and sophie bear_thumb

Koala Adorable Bears
Posts: 149

I really like alpaca for realistic bears but you can also get a very good synthetic (woven back) that does a wonderful job. I never would have said that years ago but how they have improved !
Many including Intercal, stock both furs. If you can't find one, email me and I will look up the exact code.

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