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clare14 Country Bears
Posts: 3,066

I'm soooooo sorry to harp on, but I can't find where I saw this before, but what do you have on your show tables??  And also underneath!!

Bears, obviously, but what else do you take??   Not display items, I mean like bags, business cards etc.......

Sorry to keep on......  :redface:

starlite Starlite Bears
Posts: 1,676

On table : A display of business cards encourage browsers to take one
               Some picture postcards of my different bears  - make sure each person who adopts a bear gets one or if some one admires a bear too
A bowl of sweets - encourage people to help themselves they may stay and chat while they chew  :)
at the back of the table - pen - so they can write you a cheque
A folder with previous bears pictures - they might see one they would like to commission

Under table : Bags or boxes for bears to go to new homes
                    Tissue to go in bags/boxes for bears to be comfee
                     little scented sachets - to go in bag/box with bears
                     Spare name tags - some people look for bears who have special names for loved ones
                     Notepad - incase someone wants to be added to your mailing list
                     Cash container - I have a little petty cash metal locking box   -
                         take some appropriate change with you too
For you - some teddy bits to sew or some teddy garment knitting - helps you if it is a bit of a lull and is a conversation piece with some collectors
Sandwiches, snacks, chocolate, drinks

Oh does it look like I take a truck - sorry but I have found all of these things useful at fairs - maybe some of the others would disagree or even add to the items
Hope this helps a little

gotobedbears Posts: 3,177

Only did one bear fair but before that i used to make stained glass and other stuff for years so i think i may be able to advise you Clare.

Make sure you have bags/packaging for every item you have to sell on your table - ok you may not sell them all but you just might so be prepared (nothing worse than not having correct packaging, does'nt impress)

Always have business cards - cheap ones for just leaving on the table for folks to take (try for freebies - only pay postage) - keep good ones for popping into the bags with the bears when they have been sold

Pens - markers - stickers - receipt book - inventory of bears you have for sale so you can tick them off when sold

Have a printed page available so people can read about you and your work, mention all triumphs no matter how small - i still remember the tale of your Grandad's sewing machine so don't forget to include that

Probably lot's of stuff that i've forgotton but you can't go wrong with the basics Clare

Penny  bear_thumb

jenny Three O'clock Bears
warwickshire uk
Posts: 4,413

You need a cover that goes to the ground to hide the legs of your table.  I take more bags than I'll ever need ...more pens than I'll need in a month of Sundays...pins....don't forget the pins..don't know why I take them...I just do. Sewing kit...just in case of emergencies. Double sided tape...I accidentally took it once ..and used it to hold the cloth in place. Paper...loads of paper...receipt case boredom sets in. Portable TV?...hopefully not that boring

Cards...millions of cards...sandwiches...don't forget them..and a flask of coffee.

I take you can see my stand. I light it up like a Christmas tree so there's no excuse for folks not to see me...

And of course if you can get the kitchen sink in the car...I'd take never know.

Then of course you can't get in the car yourself...or get any bears in....

Start again?

Best of luck....


Daphne Back Road Bears
Laconia, NH USA
Posts: 6,568

TAPE! Duct tape is best, masking tape will do! You just never know....

Calculator... well, I need one any way!  :doh:

A plastic bag for trash... chocolate wrappers in particular!

I have a 'brag book' sized photo album of my bears for people to flip through. I've gotten orders that way!

Guest book for folks to write their contact info in ... I add them to my mailing list.

Blank paper... I've written directions to all sorts of places out for folks, made notes of which bears people liked most, what I needed to do different for next time, jotted down perspective bear names.... always good to have paper to scribble on.

These are all in addition to the truck load of stuff everyone else has mentioned!

Oh, don't forget a sign with your name on it. I put where I'm from too... often starts up a conversation and many may have a connection to where you live.... makes more of in imprint on their minds.

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